Frequently asked questions about Shopify Credit

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Who is eligible for Shopify Credit?

To use Shopify Credit, you need to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A Shopify Payments account is required to use Shopify Credit.
  • Shopify Credit uses the same bank account or Shopify Balance account that you've connected to Shopify Payments. If you need to change the account that you use with Shopify Credit, then change the bank account that you use with Shopify Payments.
  • Your Shopify Payments account must have a single owner.
  • You only have one store owner for your business. Multi-owner businesses can’t apply for Shopify Credit.
  • The store owner must have a physical personal address in the United States or Puerto Rico (other United States territories aren't supported).
  • Two-step authentication (2SA) is required to access all the features of Shopify Credit.
  • A valid US Social Security number (SSN) is required to set up your Shopify Credit account. Your SSN is used only to verify your identity. Your credit score isn't affected.
  • Your store must be located in the United States or Puerto Rico. Other United States territories aren't supported.

These requirements aren't exhaustive and additional criteria might apply for eligibility. Eligibility for Shopify Credit is based on the performance of your business, not your credit score. To find out if you're eligible to apply for Shopify Credit, check your Shopify admin.

How do I apply for Shopify Credit?

If you're eligible to apply for Shopify Credit, then an email message is sent to the email address of the account owner and a banner displays in your Shopify admin. To apply for Shopify Credit, you need to submit an application. Learn more about applying for Shopify Credit.

What payment card network does Shopify Credit use?

Shopify Credit is part of the Visa network. You can use your Shopify Credit charge card at any non-prohibited merchant or business that accepts Visa transactions.

If I use Shopify Credit, am I eligible for Shopify Capital?

Yes, if you apply for Shopify Credit, then you're still eligible for Shopify Capital as long as your store and account are in good standing. However, if you're currently using or have applied for Shopify Capital, then you're not eligible for Shopify Credit.

Eligibility and offers are based on your business performance and might change over time. It's important to maintain a good standing with your Shopify Credit account to avoid any further impact on your Shopify Capital eligibility and offers.

What is the repayment process?

Shopify Credit is a pay in full card, which means that you need to pay off your full balance each calendar month. Learn more about repayment for Shopify Credit.

When is each payment due?

Payment is due 25 days after the end of each monthly billing cycle. Learn more about repayment for Shopify Credit.

What is the interest rate for Shopify Credit?

There are no interest charges or fees associated with Shopify Credit. It is a pay in full card, which means that you need to pay off your full balance each calendar month.

How do rewards work?

Cashback is earned on eligible business purchases and automatically applied to your Shopify Credit account as statement credits. Learn more about Shopify Credit rewards.

Why did a transaction using my Shopify Credit charge card get declined?

There are many reasons why a Shopify Credit transaction might be declined. Most often, the reason for a declined transaction relates to the transaction exceeding your spending limit. You can view your spend limit information from the Credit page of your Shopify admin.

Another reason a transaction might be declined is when you attempt to make a purchase from a restricted business or activity.

Learn more about Shopify Credit's Issuing Bank Terms regarding using your account and card transactions.

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