Managed Markets

Managed Markets expands the capabilities of the cross-border management tools that are offered by International. Along with tools that help you to set up and manage selling in international markets, Managed Markets offers additional features powered by Global-e to help you scale and optimize your international markets directly from your Shopify admin. Managed Markets is only available to merchants based in the Continental United States. Read more about the requirements and considerations for using Managed Markets.

When you use Managed Markets, Global-e becomes the merchant of record. A merchant of record is the legal entity responsible for selling products to a customer, and for adhering to local laws and regulations in another region or country. Unless another party like Global-e is hired to take on these responsibilities, most merchants act as their own merchant of record. When you act as your own merchant of record, you're responsible for registering for and remitting taxes, arranging to accept local methods of payment, and organizing shipping and fulfillment.

With Managed Markets, Global-e manages the complexities of selling to other countries or regions on your behalf, including remitting tax to local authorities, accepting local methods of payment, and managing duties and import tax, allowing you to start selling to new international markets quickly. When using Managed Markets, you don't need tax registration in the countries you sell to. Global-e provides the tax registration, allowing you to comply when selling internationally.

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