Requirements and considerations for shipping with Managed Markets

When shipping with Managed Markets, your shipments need to meet package and value requirements. Some requirements might vary by destination country. Some products and product categories are prohibited or restricted on Managed Markets.

The following considerations apply when shipping with Managed Markets:

  • You can purchase only DHL or UPS shipping labels, and must fulfill your international orders using one of the Managed Markets fulfillment options.
  • Managed Markets isn't compatible with UPS accounts that are connected to your Shopify admin.
  • Managed Markets doesn't support products that are fulfilled from app locations or custom fulfillment locations. These locations are commonly used by dropshipping or print-on-demand apps. Products from apps that aren't compatible with Managed Markets can still be sold domestically.
  • The products that you're shipping need to be publicly accessible on your storefront. Sometimes carriers need to view your product on your storefront to clear customs. For example, a password protected store or recently deleted products can hinder the carrier's access to your products and block the customs clearance process.
  • Each separate package fulfilled through Managed Markets requires an individual label. Packages can't be taped together and shipped with a single label.
  • Shipping labels purchased through Managed Markets should be purchased as close to the shipment date as possible. Purchasing labels too far in advance might result in delivery issues.

Shipping label price adjustments for Managed Markets orders

A shipping label price adjustment occurs when your package's weight or dimensions don't match the ones you enter during the label purchase, or if the package can't be delivered. For example, if your package is heavier or bigger than you indicated during the label purchase, then a price adjustment might apply. After you ship your order, the correct shipping label price is verified by the shipping carrier. If your carrier determines that your shipment needs a price adjustment, then the adjustment displays in the order timeline. You receive a charge on your next payout. Your package might still be delivered when there is an adjustment.

All taxes, VAT (value added tax), and IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) numbers are applied automatically for Managed Markets orders.

Price adjustments are a standard industry practice and most shipping carriers follow this standard. To avoid price adjustments, verify that you enter the correct information when you purchase a shipping label. Due to shipping carrier processing times, it's not uncommon for there to be a delay between when you purchase the shipping label and when you receive the charge or credit for a price adjustment.

The following examples are possible reasons for price adjustments:

  • The package weight specified on the label doesn't match the actual weight of shipment.
  • The package dimensions specified on the label don't match the actual dimensions of shipment.
  • A flat rate label is used with a weight-based rate box, or a weight-based rate label is used with a flat rate box.
  • The address provided for the delivery is incorrect.

If you have questions about shipping label price adjustments, then contact Shopify Support.

Undeliverable packages in Managed Markets

If a package can't be delivered to a customer, then it's in an undeliverable state. The reasons for undeliverable shipments varies, but the following are some common reasons for a package to be undeliverable:

  • The customer's address is incomplete, illegible, incorrect, or can't be located.
  • The package can't be cleared by the customs authority in the customer's country or region.
  • The package is rejected by the customer before opening.
  • The package contains prohibited items.

Generally, if a package is considered undeliverable, then you receive an email from Shopify Support with details on why the package is undeliverable, and the outcome for the package. In some cases, DHL Express might contact the customer only. The outcome for an undeliverable package might be any one of the following, which varies depending on the carrier, the location of the package, and the reason for the undeliverable status:

  • redirect package
  • return to origin
  • abandoned package

These outcomes usually incur a fee, which is indicated on your next payout and in the order's Timeline.

Outcomes for undeliverable packages
OutcomeDetailsDescription in the Shopify admin
Redirect packageYou provide a new shipping address for the package. A fee is assessed for adjusting the shipping label.Shipping label adjustment
Return to originThe package is returned to the location that it was shipped from. A fee is assessed for creating a new shipping label.Shipping label
Abandoned packageThe package is disposed of by the carrier in the customer's country or region. A fee might be assessed for the disposal of the package.Adjustment
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