Your market settings include a payments card that displays eligible local payment methods, as well as a link to your payment settings where you can enable and customize a variety of payment methods.

Shopify Payments and other payment providers

Only stores with Shopify Payments as the primary gateway can process payments in a customer's local currency. Compatible multi-currency payment options include:

  • Shopify Payments credit card payments
  • Shop Pay
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Paypal Express

If your customer selects a local currency, and chooses a payment option from another payment provider, then the price your customer pays is converted into your store currency. As a result, the price that your customer pays might be more than the product price in your store currency.

For example, your store currency is USD, and you sell a T-shirt for 10.00 USD. Your customer chooses to view your store using EUR, and the price of the T-shirt is listed at 8.90 EUR. If your customer checks out using a payment provider other than Shopify Payments, then the price of the T-shirt is converted from EUR to USD, and your customer might pay more that 10.00 USD for the T-shirt. There are no currency conversion fees applied when the currency is converted from USD to EUR, and the Order page doesn't indicate that the order is a multi-currency order.

If your customer checks out using a compatible payment method, then their payment is processed in their local currency. For example:

(Product price x currency conversion rate) + currency conversion fee

(10.00 USD x 0.867519) + 1.5% = 8.81 EUR

If you have rounding rules enabled, then Shopify rounds the total up and your customer pays 8.90 EUR.

Local payment methods

When a market contains a country that is eligible for one or more local payment methods, then a payments card is displayed in your market settings with the available local payment methods. For example, you have a market for Europe that only contains Belgium, then Bancontact is available on the payments card. If you have a market for Europe that contains both Belgium and Netherlands, then both Bancontact and iDeal are available on the payments card.

From the payments card, you can enable or disable an eligible local payment method

Learn more about local payment methods.

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