Pricing plans FAQ

Find answers to common questions about Shopify's pricing plans.

Will I lose my free trial if I sign up for a plan?

No. You won't lose anything that you've done on your free trial when you sign up for a monthly plan.

If you sign up for a monthly plan during your free trial, then you won't be charged any subscription fees until your free trial expires.

How do I cancel my store during my free trial?

If you don't choose a pricing plan during your free trial, then your account will be frozen at the end of the free trial. You won't be charged for anything when your free trial expires. If you do choose a pricing plan before the end of your free trial, then you need to manually pause or deactivate your store.

What happens if I set up Shopify Payments and PayPal?

You can set up both Shopify Payments and third-party providers such as PayPal or a custom payment method without having to pay any extra third-party transaction fees.

When should I change my plan?

The plan that best meets your needs depends on your business.

There's no specific time at which you need to change your plan, but you should consider upgrading your plan if the amount of third-party transaction fees that you pay becomes greater than the difference between your monthly charges for your current plan and the next plan up.

How can I change my plan?

You can change your plan right from your Shopify admin.

Can I pause or deactivate my store?

Yes. You can pause or deactivate your store. Pausing your store allows you to temporarily stop selling and pay a reduced subscription fee without deactivating your account. Deactivating your store allows you to stop subscription payments and close your account for an indefinite period of time. For more information, review Pausing and deactivating your store.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Shopify store subscription plan?

Charges for Shopify subscription plans are non-refundable. This means that you can't receive any refunds for your subscription plan charges. For more information, review Shopify's terms of service, section 5.10.

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