Setting up your locations

The maximum number of locations that you can have depends on your store's Shopify subscription plan:

  • Shopify Starter - 2
  • Basic Shopify - 1000
  • Shopify - 1000
  • Advanced Shopify - 1000
  • Shopify Plus - 1000

Locations that you deactivate don't count toward your location limit. You can find your location limit and how many you used in the Locations settings page.

If you use apps that physically stock inventory for you, then they are treated as locations. Inventory apps include dropshipping apps, third-party logistics services, and custom fulfillment services. For example, an app could be a warehouse that fulfills orders on your behalf. Location apps are listed in the Locations settings in the App and custom fulfillment locations section. Although these apps are treated as locations, they don't count toward your location limit.

Some fulfillment apps allow multi-managed inventory, so that you can manage some of a product's inventory at store locations while some of its inventory is managed by the fulfillment app. If you manage a product's inventory by using a fulfillment app that doesn't allow multi-managed inventory, then you can't also stock the product in your store locations.

Add a location


After you create a location, it’s added to the bottom of your fulfillment priority list.

Deactivate a location

You can deactivate a location temporarily or permanently if you don't want to sell, fulfill, or stock inventory at that location.

When you deactivate a location, it’s no longer shown on filters and menus, you can no longer manage or transfer inventory in the location, and you can't use it as your default location. You always need to have at least one active location.

Deactivated locations don’t count towards your locations limit.

You can’t deactivate a location that's a private or third-party app. Instead, remove the app.

You can’t deactivate the location that's currently set as your default location. You first need to change the default location to another location.

Before you deactivate a location, you need to complete all orders and transfers that are assigned to it, and reassign them to another location. If you don’t, then you’ll be prompted to fulfill the orders and have the inventory quantities reassigned.

If the location's on the POS Pro subscription plan, then you need to change the location to the POS Lite plan before you can deactivate it.


Reactivate a location

You can reactivate a location that you previously deactivated and continue fulfilling orders from this location.


Delete a location

If you no longer want to sell from, fulfill from, or stock inventory at a location, you can delete it permanently.

Historical data is saved for reporting purposes.

Before you can delete a location, you need to deactivate it.


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