International domains

An international domain is a web address or URL that's specific to a country or region. When you set up international domains for a country or region, you create a localized version of your online store in the currency and language for that region. You also display region-specific domains within search results to help customers find the appropriate version of your store. When your online store appears in a customer’s local language and currency, customers are more likely to make a purchase.

Localized shopping experiences affect how customers perceive your brand and how quickly they make a purchase. By setting up international domains, you can attract customers from other countries and regions and build your reputation as an international brand.

You can set up international domains with both Shopify-managed domains and third-party domains. You can use top-level domains, subdomains, subfolders, or a combination of each. For example, if you sell in both the United States and France using different languages and currencies, then you can set up the following international domains:

  • for the United States
  •, or for France

International domains are available on the Basic Shopify plan or higher.

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Considerations for setting up international domains

Review the following requirements and considerations before you set up international domains:

  • You need to use custom domains. You can use both Shopify-managed domains and third-party domains, but you can't use your default domain.
  • Your unique URLs need to be specific to a country or region, such as for Germany or for Canada.
  • To set up a local currency for each country or region where you have a target market, you need to enable multiple currencies using Shopify Payments.
  • To display your store in multiple languages, you need to translate the content of your online store by adding your own translations using CSV files, or by using a compatible third-party app.

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