Shop Merchant Guidelines

To be featured in the Shop app, make sure you review and comply with the merchant requirements and product restrictions.

Purchases made on Shop are processed through your online store. Shop and Shopify aren't involved in facilitating the purchase, sale, or delivery of goods or services. You remain responsible for handling and responding to all purchases, deliveries, customer service questions, refunds, returns, complaints, problems, and disputes. Shop reserves the right to remove you or your products from Shop at any time, and for any reason.

Merchant requirements

To appear in Shop, there are a set of requirements your store must meet. These requirements are in place to ensure a consistent experience for merchants and customers. You should review the following main criteria:

Prohibited product types

Products featured in Shop must follow the requirements in these merchant guidelines, and all relevant terms and policies, including the following:

When you sell products through Shop, there are additional prohibited product types. Prohibited product types on Shop include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • age-restricted products such as alcohol, tobacco, or gambling
  • animals and livestock, including pet prescriptions and certain animal products
  • automobiles, automotive parts, and other motorized vehicles, including but not limited to recreational vehicles (RVs), all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and motorcycles
  • cannabis products
  • drugs and drug-related products
  • financial or professional services
  • hazardous materials
  • human parts
  • mature content, services, or products that have nudity
  • means of payment, such as stamps, cash, tokens, or any other form of physical or digital currency
  • medical devices and accessories
  • surveillance equipment
  • tickets
  • weapons, ammunition, explosives, or related accessories, such as holsters, or any form of gun or bullet storage

Content moderation

Shop has a moderation process in place to make sure that all content on your Shop Store follows merchant guidelines.

Shop app users can report content that violates the Shop Content Policy. This includes your products, as well as content that you add to Shop using Shop Minis.

If your content is reported, then Shop will take the appropriate steps to review your content. If your content violates Shop's policies, then Shop might take appropriate action, including but not limited to redacting certain content, or removing your ability to use third-party Shop Minis on the Shop platform.

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