Requirements for displaying your store in Shop

To have your store displayed in Shop, there are certain requirements that you store must meet. These requirements ensure a consistent experience for merchants and customers. It's important to review and fulfill the following main criteria:

  • Compliance with Shopify Acceptable Use Policy: Your store complies with the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Active Starter Shopify Plan or higher: Your store is on an active Starter Shopify plan or higher. Learn more about checking or upgrading your current plan.
  • Activation of Shopify Payments: Your store has Shopify Payments activated. Learn more about Shopify Payments requirements.
  • Activation of Shop Pay: Your store has Shop Pay activated.
  • Chargeback rate: Your store has had a chargeback rate of less than 1% in the last six months.
  • Installation of Shop channel: Your store has the Shop channel installed.
  • Product eligibility: At least one of your products meets Shop's product eligibility requirements. If you sell a combination of prohibited products and approved products, then only approved products will appear in Shop. Learn more about product eligibility troubleshooting.
  • Online Store sales channel: Your store has the Online Store sales channel, and the store is not password protected. Learn more about removing your store password.
  • App compatability: You're not using any password control, or age verification apps such as Advanced Registration, B2B Login Access Management, Locksmith, Login to View Price and MagicPass Deal Club, Wholesale. If you remove an age verification app but are selling age-restricted products, then your prohibited products still won't display in Shop and may result in a violation of the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy.
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