Shop on the web

Shop on the web allows customers to discover and purchase from your Shop store, accessible through, regardless of their device, and even if they don't have the Shop app installed.

Display your Shop store on Shop on the web

By activating the Shop channel, your store is synchronized to the Shop app and Shop on the web. This ensures a seamless shopping experience for your customers. There are no additional steps required to display your store and products on Shop on the web.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about Shop on the web.

Can I customize my store on Shop on the web?

No. Customization of your store and product pages isn't available for Shop on the web. The branding from your Shop Store on the Shop app doesn't carry over to Shop on the web. However, the order of your collections and navigation remains the same in both Shop on the web and the Shop app.

Will Shop on the web be displayed on search engines such as Google?

No. Products and stores on Shop on the web aren't indexed by search engines. Shop on the web provides additional ways for customers to discover your products and make a purchase, without competing with your online store for search engine rankings.

Why are my customers being directed to Shop on the web to use Shop Cash?

Customers are directed to Shop on the web in the following cases:

  • If they don't have the Shop app installed.
  • If they open a Shop Cash offer on their desktop device.

Shop Cash and Shop Cash offers are exclusively available in Shop, and not on your online store. Customers must be signed in to view their Shop Cash balance, and to use or benefit from a Shop Cash offer.

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