Copy your wholesale price lists to B2B catalogs

Catalogs are the equivalent of Plus wholesale channel price lists, and allow you to offer custom product pricing and publishing to different customers.

Price list types vs. catalogs

Review the following table to understand which Plus wholesale channel price lists are supported and can be copied to B2B on Shopify catalogs.

Price lists and B2B catalogs
Price listCatalog option
Percentage discount (all products)Percentage discount price lists for all products can be copied in full to B2B on Shopify catalogs.
Percentage discount (collection)Percentage discount price lists for collections can be copied to B2B on Shopify catalogs. However, catalogs aren't automatically updated if you later add more products to that collection. Additionally, price lists that contain multiple collections with different discounts can't be copied to catalogs.
Quantity rulesPrice lists that use minimum, maximum, and increment quantity rules can be copied to B2B catalogs. However, if you add a new variant to a product, then it won't automatically inherit the quantity rules applied to other variants in the catalog.
Volume pricing (variant-based)Price lists that use volume pricing (variant-based) can be copied to B2B catalogs. Make sure that price breaks follow the increment and minimum set on the price list. If they don't, then you'll get an error when copying price lists. To continue, you need to adjust either the price breaks, increment, or minimum.
Volume pricing (mix and match)Product level volume pricing isn't supported on B2B on Shopify. Customers can't mix and match variants to reach a minimum purchase, and these price lists can't be copied to B2B catalogs.
Instead, you can create a new catalog with each variant as a separate product.
Variant-level publishingVariant-level publishing isn't supported on B2B on Shopify. If you have price lists that only include some variants of a product (for example, blue and red shirts, but not green shirts), then after these price lists are copied, all of the variants of the product will be included.
If you want to include only certain variants of a product, then you can update your products so that each variant is a separate product.

Copying price lists to catalogs

You can copy your price lists to catalogs. For every price list that you select, an equivalent catalog will be created on B2B on Shopify.

By default, all catalogs are set to Draft when they're created. You need to publish a catalog before your customers can access it. Learn more about publishing catalogs.


  1. From the Plus wholesale channel, select the price lists that you want to move to B2B on Shopify.
  2. Click Copy price lists to catalogs.
  3. Choose whether you want to automatically assign catalogs to the companies that you've set up.
  4. Click Copy price lists.
  5. Go to your Shopify admin, and click Products > Catalogs to review your catalogs.


Are B2B catalogs the same thing as Plus Wholesale Channel price lists?

In B2B on Shopify, catalogs incorporate the functionality of price lists. In addition, they also offer additional features such as volume pricing, quantity rules, and product publishing. This means you can define different pricing tiers based on volume, set rules for minimum quantities, and manage product visibility for each company location.

Will copying price lists to catalogs have any impact on my non-B2B pricing?

No, copying price lists to catalogs doesn't impact your non-B2B pricing. Catalogs are only added to companies. To access catalog pricing, customers must be added to a company, and be logged in.

Can I automatically add catalogs to the new companies that I've set up?

Yes. When you copy price lists to catalogs, you can choose whether to automatically add new B2B catalogs to companies. If you choose this option, then catalogs will be added to comapnies based on the corresponding price lists from the Plus wholesale channel.

For example, Chris was a customer on your Plus wholesale channel, and you've used the customer set up tool to set Chris up as a B2B company. Chris had the West Coast price list on the Plus wholesale channel. After you copy the West Coast price list to your B2B catalogs, the new West Coast catalog is added automatically to the company.

Can price lists with gift cards be copied to catalogs?

Yes. However, gift cards aren't supported on B2B and won't be copied. All other products in the price lists will be copied to the catalog.

Do I need to set up companies before I copy my price lists in order for them to automatically be applied to companies?

No. You can complete these steps of the process in either order. If you copy your price lists to catalogs first, and set up companies afterwards, then you can return to the Plus wholesale channel and select those price lists again. When you select Copy price lists, you're asked whether you want to apply them to companies.

What happens if I accidentally copy a price list?

If you accidentally copy a price list, then you can delete the catalog. Deleting a catalog removes it from all companies that it was applied to.

Can I export a copy of my price lists from the Plus wholesale channel?

No. Exporting price lists isn't an available feature on the Plus wholesale channel. However, you can copy your price lists to catalogs, and then export a copy of your catalogs.

Can inventory rules be set within catalogs, such as making a product variant unavailable to B2B customers if it has fewer than 3 units?

No. Currently, inventory rules can't be set within catalogs for B2B customers.

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