Wholesale channel

Your wholesale store is based on your online store, so you can offer your wholesale customers the same products that you offer your online store customers, but at different prices. You can also add products that are available in your wholesale store only.

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Separate storefront

Your wholesale store has a different storefront (and requires different log in credentials) from your online store. Customers cannot access your online store from your wholesale store.

In your wholesale store, a customer can view and order only products that are in price lists that they're assigned to. You can sell the same products in your wholesale store as in your online store by adding these products to a price list and assigning a customer to this list.

Pages and products in your wholesale store aren't indexed by search engines such as Google or Bing. As a result, they don't display in online search results.

Customized pricing

You can customize the prices that you offer your wholesale customers in the following ways:

  • Set percentage-based discounts across your entire store or across collections
  • Set fixed (flat) prices for products and variants in price lists
  • Provide different prices to different wholesale customers
  • Set volume-based pricing rules for products and variants

Order processing

After you invite a customer to activate a wholesale store account, they can log in and create purchase orders. These orders display as draft orders in your Shopify admin. When you receive a draft order, you can process it in the following ways:

Considerations for using the wholesale channel

When you use the wholesale channel, consider the following considerations:

  • The wholesale channel can't integrate with any external systems or third-party apps.
  • The wholesale channel displays only prices that include taxes.
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