Selling on Handshake wholesale marketplace

Handshake is a free marketplace of approved Shopify merchants that sell wholesale. You can apply to list your business and wholesale products on Handshake so that retailers can browse and buy products from you. With Handshake, you can customize the look of your profile, add information about your business, set wholesale prices, add a minimum order value, and process Handshake orders in your Shopify admin. Handshake is built by Shopify.

Retailers discover your profile and your products on the Handshake website. Registered retailers can contact you directly for more information, and place an order from your business. After you receive a Handshake order, you can process it in your Shopify admin.

Apply to Handshake

Handshake is available only to businesses in the United States who own their brand and sell their own products. There are no fees for having a profile or listing your products on Handshake. For specific details about Handshake's requirements, refer to Handshake's FAQ page.

To apply to Handshake as a supplier, you need to complete the supplier application form on The Handshake team reviews your application and checks your store within 10-14 business days. After your store is reviewed, you receive a notification about whether or not your application is approved.

Install Handshake

Handshake is sales channel made by Shopify. Learn more about sales channels.

If your supplier application is approved, then you receive an email with a unique link to install Handshake to your Shopify admin. Click Add Handshake sales channel in the email to install the Handshake sales channel to your Shopify admin. If you don't receive a reply about your application within 14 business days, then contact the Handshake team at

To access the Handshake sales channel, you need to set the following settings in your Shopify admin:

  • Your store currency needs to be set to USD.
  • Your store location needs to be set to the United States.

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