Selling on Handshake

Handshake is a free directory of approved Shopify merchants that sell wholesale. You can apply to list your business and wholesale products on the Handshake directory for retailers to browse. You can set wholesale prices, customize the look of your profile, and add a description of your business.

Products page in the Handshake sales channel

When a retailer wants to order your products, they can use the information that you add to Handshake to contact you.

After you and the retailer agree on the terms of the order, you can create a draft order in your Shopify admin to send them an invoice and process their payment.

Requirements and considerations

Handshake is available only to businesses in the United States who own their brand and sell their own products. There are no fees for having a profile or listing your products on Handshake. For specific details about Handshake's requirements, refer to Handshake's FAQ page.

Install Handshake

To install Handshake in your Shopify store, you need to complete the supplier application form on and have it approved by the Handshake team. If your application form is approved, then an automated email is sent to you with a unique link to install the Handshake sales channel in your Shopify admin.

You need to have your store's currency set to USD and your location set to United States in the general settings of your Shopify admin in order to install Handshake. If you don't have these settings, then an error message will display in your Handshake sales channel.

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