Selling on Handshake wholesale marketplace

Handshake marketplace is a wholesale marketplace that connects approved Shopify merchants that sell wholesale with retailers. You can apply to sell on the Handshake marketplace. If your application is approved, then you can install the Handshake sales channel to your Shopify admin, and list your business and wholesale products to the Handshake marketplace.

Retailers can discover your wholesale business and your products on the Handshake marketplace. Registered retailers can contact you for more information, and place an order from your business. After you receive an order on Handshake, you can process the order in your Shopify admin. Currently, there are no commission fees for selling and buying on the Handshake marketplace.

With the Handshake sales channel you can:

  • Customize the look of your Handshake supplier profile.
  • Add information about your business.
  • Set product wholesale prices.
  • Add a minimum order value.
  • Add shipping and returns policies.
  • Set custom shipping rates for orders on Handshake.
  • Process Handshake orders in your Shopify admin.

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