Handshake product photography guidelines

The products that you list in the Handshake marketplace need to follow the Handshake product photography guidelines. To keep your product pages looking professional and high quality use the following recommended product image specifications:

Image specifications for images in Handshake
Dimensions Format Size
  • Ideal size: 2048 x 2048 px
  • Maximum size: 4472 x 4472 px
PNG or JPEG Less than 20 MB

Photography types

There are two main types of photography: individual product photography and lifestyle product photography.

Individual product photography captures close-up details of a single product from a variety of angles. Focus on clean, light-colored backgrounds and good lighting.

Lifestyle product photography captures your product being used or made. Curating and styling a scene, with or without models or props, can help retailers connect with your brand aesthetic, and imagine a lifestyle made better with your product.

Photography best practices

Review the following best practices for your product photography.

Image composition

Make sure that you leave enough space around your products.

Do center your products so that there's enough empty space between the edge of the product and the edge of the image.

Example image that is cropped well

Don't tightly crop images so that products take up the entire frame or get cut off.

Example image that isn't cropped well

Color and lighting

Choose soft, angled lighting and high-contrast backgrounds to highlight contours and detail, and to keep shadows subtle. Avoid heavy shadows and dark, monotone backgrounds.

Do style products on high contrast backdrops with soft white or warm light.

Example image with soft lighting

Don't lose detail by underexposing and casting dark shadows.

Example image with dark lighting

Image quality

Professional product photography is clear and sharp, not fuzzy or pixelated. On Handshake, you can upload images of up to 4472 x 4472 pixels with a file size of up to 20 MB. The recommended dimensions for square images is 2048 x 2048 pixels. These guidelines help your images have high-resolution with clear zoom capabilities, and give your brand a professional look.

Do follow size guidelines to get clear, sharp images.

Example image with proper image quality

Don’t use dark, pixelated photos.

Example image with poor image quality

Do use high-quality images.

Don’t use pixelated or low-quality images.

Do use images of real products.

Don’t use rendered product images.

Image styling

Lifestyle photography is about creating real-life scenes that invite people to imagine how they might use your products. These images help build a story about a product and the kind of lifestyle that the customer might aspire to. Lifestyle images transform an object into an experience.

Think about what types of situations your product will be used in, and explore pairing your products with complementary items.

Do make the main item the star of the shot.

Example image with proper image styling

Don't overcrowd the set with competing colors and details.

Example image without proper image styling

Do post images that keep the focus on your product.

Don’t post an image with a watermark, logo, or other added graphic elements.

Do make sure to feature only the products you sell in your main image.

Don’t use an abstract photo in your main image, which could confuse retailers about what you sell.

Do keep the focus on what you sell in your main image.

Don’t use a photo collage for your main image, which could confuse retailers about what you sell.

Example photography

Review the following images to see how the image guidelines should be used.

Example images that follow the image guidelines

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