Add a blog to your online store

You can add blogs to your online store, and then post to the blogs to update your customers about your business or products. Blog posts drive traffic to your site in several different ways:

  • Improve your store's SEO.
  • Let you tell stories that convert visitors into customers.
  • Increase customer engagement.

Add a blog

Your online store has a default blog called News. You can keep this blog, or you can create your own with a custom name.


  1. Give your blog a title, and then select how you want to manage comments.

  2. Optional: If you have created a custom template for blogs, then you can select a template. In the Template drop-down menu, select the template that you want to use for the blog. All of the posts in the blog will use the template.

  3. Click Save blog.

Now that you've created your blog, you can add your blog to your main navigation menu.

Edit a blog name


  1. Click the name of the blog to edit.

  2. On the Edit blog page, enter the new name you want for your blog in the Title field.

  3. Click Save.

Edit the search engine listing for a blog

You can edit the text that appears in search engine results for a blog. Use a descriptive title and description to help new customers find your online store and convince them to click the link. Learn more about search engine optimization.

You can preview your blog's search engine listing and make changes to help new customers discover your online store.


  1. Click the name of the blog to edit.

  2. In the Search engine listing preview section, click Edit website SEO.

  3. In the Page title field, enter a descriptive title. This title will display as a link in search engine results. You can enter up to 55 characters in the title.

  4. Enter a description for the search engine listing. Make sure to include relevant keywords to help new customers find your link, and to include your business name. You can enter up to 320 characters in the description.

  1. In the URL and handle section, you can edit the web address. In most cases, you won't need to make changes to the web address. If you do make changes, then make sure that you set up URL redirects from the old web address. The URL can't contain any spaces. Handles are used in theme design.

  2. Click Save.

Change a blog's web address

You can change the web address of your blog in the Search engine listing preview section of the Edit blog page. When you create a blog, a URL and handle are automatically generated. You might want to change or shorten the web address, but in most cases you can leave the default alone.

To change a blog's web address:

  1. On the Edit blog page, click Edit website SEO to open the Search engine listing preview.

  2. In the Search engine listing preview, edit the URL and handle field.

  3. If you want the old blog URLs to redirect customers to the new URLs, then leave the options for redirects checked.

  4. Click Save.

You can add a link in your online store navigation to a blog hosted on a third-party platform such as WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. The link can appear in your main navigation or within a menu, depending on what you choose. You can set up menus and links in the Navigation area of Shopify.


  1. Click the name of the menu where you want to add the link.

  2. Click Add menu item, or choose an existing menu item to edit.

  3. Enter the link name, for example Blog, into the Name field.

  4. Paste the link to your blog in the Link field.

  5. Click Save menu.

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