Updating themes

Shopify and other theme designers frequently release updated versions of the themes that they've published on the Shopify Theme Store. These updated versions usually include bug fixes and new features.

The most up-to-date versions of all themes are available in the Theme Store. If you purchased a paid theme from the Theme Store, then you can add an updated version for free. If you purchased a paid theme from a third-party theme designer, then contact the designer for updates.

When an update for a theme is available, a notification will appear below the theme in your Shopify Admin. Click on the notification to open the details pop-up, and then click Add to theme library to add the updated version to your theme library or View release notes to read about the new release.

Sample online store with Dawn theme update available.
Sample online store with a verified Dawn theme update available.

You can update your online store themes as long as you or an installed app haven't made any code changes to your theme.

Any customizations made to your theme using the Theme Editor are copied over and applied to the updated theme. These include:

  • Modified theme settings
  • Modified page layouts, such as adding, reordering, removing, or hiding sections or blocks
  • Modified theme settings
  • New templates
  • Added, removed, or modified settings of app embeds or app extensions

Add an update to your theme library

When you add an updated theme, a new version of the theme is added to your online store library. Any customizations you've made to your online store with the theme editor are copied into the updated version of the theme.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.

  2. From the Apps and sales channels page, click Online store.

  3. Click Open sales channel.

  4. Click Themes.

  5. Find the theme you want to update and click on the version notification.

  6. Click Add to theme library. This will make a copy of your original theme (named [theme name]), download the updated theme version, and then apply your theme editor customizations.

Once the updated theme has been added to your theme library, click Review theme to ensure that that your online store looks and functions the way you expect, and then click Publish when you're ready to make the new theme version live.

Sample online store with an updated theme ready for review.

Download a theme file

If the update feature is not available for a theme, or you've made code changes, then you won't be able to update your theme automatically. You can benefit from the latest version by installing a fresh copy of your theme from the Shopify Theme Store and then manually applying all your settings and customizations.

When there is no theme update available or you're on the latest version of a theme, you'll see the last save date of your theme.

Sample online store with no theme update available

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