About themes

Free Shopify themes in the Theme Store have all the features released as part of Online Store 2.0, including sections on every page, app blocks, Metafields, and more. These themes provide the flexibility to build your stores exactly the way you want, without having to write any code.

Theme types

There are three types of themes that you can use with your online store:

  • Themes by Shopify are free to use and include all features compatible with Online Store 2.0. You can view these themes on the Shopify Theme Store.
  • Third-party themes are themes built by a developer other than Shopify. These themes are compatible with Online Store 2.0, and vary in price and features.
  • Vintage themes are Shopify's original free themes. These themes don't have the features included in Shopify's Online Store 2.0 themes, and don't receive updates beyond security fixes. Vintage themes won't come up when searching the Theme Store unless you specifically deselect the Online Store 2.0 filter from your search.

Upgrading your theme

You can upgrade your online store to an Online Store 2.0-compatible theme at any time. All free Shopify OS2.0 themes have the same feature set, and receive regular updates with new features.

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