Hiring help

The Shopify Partner Directory connects you with Shopify Partners who you can hire for complicated or difficult tasks related to building your business.

When you contact a Partner, you’re not committed to hiring them. You decide whether you want to work with them.

Planning to contact a Partner

Before working with a Partner, be prepared to describe the requirements for the work that you need help with. The following best practices can be considered when planning to hire a Partner:

  • Familiarize yourself with any business or technical terms related to the work that you need help with. This helps you and the Partner discuss and understand the work.
  • Do some preliminary research about the work. For example, you can find examples of other businesses who are doing something similar to what you want.
  • Clearly define your budget, timeline, and the results. Share as much detail as possible so the Partner can give you an accurate quote.

Finding Partners

To find a Shopify Partner to contact, browse the available services in the Partner Directory and discover Partners who offer the service. If you find a Partner that you’re interested in working with, then you can contact them to discuss your needs.

You can filter Partners using the following information:

  • Whether they're accepting new clients
  • Price range in USD
  • Services offered
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Languages spoken

You can also sort the results by the Partner's average rating or by the price of services.

Contacting Partners

When you find a Partner that you want to work with, you can contact them using the Contact button on the Partner's profile. You must be logged into your Shopify account to contact a Partner.

You're prompted to fill a form to provide your contact information, and basic information about the work that you need assistance with, including the store, the relevant service, your budget, and a description of your problem or goal.

When you contact a Partner, the information about your request is sent to the Partner as an email. The Partner might respond with questions about your budget, timeline, and the expected results.

Working with Partners

After the Partner responds to you, you can discuss how you want to work together, and the tools that you want to use for collaboration. For example, the Partner might need to access your store using a collaborator account to perform certain tasks.

When the work is complete, or at another time agreed to by you and the Partner, the Partner will bill you directly. These charges don't appear on your Shopify bill.

Reviewing Partners

You'll automatically be sent a request to review a Partner if the following conditions are met:

  • You contacted the Partner through the Partner Directory
  • You've added that Partner as a collaborator to your store
  • Collaborator access is enabled for at least two weeks

Review requests are sent through email 45 days after you accept the Partner's collaborator request. You can't submit a review if you haven't been sent a review request.

If the work is still ongoing, then you might choose to leave your review at the end of your collaboration, or at a time that's suitable for you. Reviews are only published for eligible merchants on a paid plan.

On the review form, you can select the relevant service and leave a review and rating of the Partner's work, providing separate star ratings for quality of work and communication. These reviews and ratings are displayed on the Partner's profile in the Partner Directory.

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