Giving partners access to your store

You can use collaborator accounts to give Shopify Partners access to your Shopify admin directly through their own Partner Dashboard. Collaborator accounts give Partners access to only the sections of your store that you want them to see, and don't count towards your store's staff limit.

After a Shopify Partner submits a request to access your store, you receive an email about the request and a notification on your Shopify Home.

Collaborator account FAQs

What are collaborator accounts?

Collaborator accounts give Shopify Partners access to your store. They're similar to staff accounts, but offer additional benefits. They let a partner log in from their Partner Dashboard, and they can be set to expire. Collaborator accounts also don't count towards your staff limit.

Freelancers and agencies can request access to collaborate on your shop. When they request access, you can review their request to accept or reject it. After you accept their request, the new account appears in the Collaborator Accounts section on the Account page in your Shopify admin.

I'm working with a freelancer or agency. How do I give them access?

Your freelancer or agency needs to request access to your store. Refer your freelancer or agency to Requesting access to a client's store to get them started.

What permissions should I give the freelancer or agency?

Give only the permissions that you feel comfortable giving. If a freelancer or agency asks for certain permissions, there might be a good reason. If you aren't sure, then ask the freelancer or agency why they need the permissions.

For more information on permissions, see Staff permissions.

Can a freelancer use a collaborator account to log in to the Shopify app?

No. Collaborator accounts can log in to your store only from the Partner Dashboard. Collaborator accounts don't have passwords, so they can't log in to your store using the Shopify app.

If you want to give a freelancer access to your store using the Shopify app, then you can add a staff account for them with the correct account permissions.

I accidentally rejected a request from a freelancer or agency, how can I get it back?

Ask your freelancer or agency to request access again.

What should I do when I'm finished working with a collaborator?

If you don't need any more help from the collaborator, then delete their account.

How do I report an issue with a freelancer or agency?

First, make sure that the problem isn't because of a communication issue or mismatched expectations. Shopify isn't directly responsible for issues with freelancers or agencies, but if you encounter an issue that Shopify should know about, then contact support.

I got an email from a freelancer or agency that I don’t know or don’t want to work with, what should I do?

Review the request and confirm that you don’t want to work with them. If you aren't expecting a request, or if you don't recognize the sender, then you shouldn't accept their request. To report spam you can contact support.

I'm a Shopify Plus merchant. Can I control a collaborator's access to specific apps and channels?

Yes. When approving access, you can set the same permissions for collaborators that you can for staff members. If a collaborator requests access to your store, they can only see the option to request access to apps. Collaborators do not see the list of apps that you currently have installed.

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