Staff admin accounts

When you have several people accessing your Shopify admin, it's a good idea to have separate accounts for each person. With staff accounts, you can set staff account permissions and let other people access your Shopify admin without giving them access to sensitive information. Having individual staff accounts can also help you to keep track of recent changes and events on your store's timeline.

The number of staff accounts available is determined by your Shopify pricing plan:

  • The Shopify Lite plan includes 1 staff account.
  • The Basic Shopify plan includes 2 staff accounts.
  • The Shopify plan includes 5 staff accounts.
  • The Advanced Shopify plan includes 15 staff accounts.
  • The Shopify Plus plan includes unlimited staff accounts.

Only the account owner can create and delete staff accounts. Users with full admin access can modify other staff accounts, and create POS staff PINs. Staff members cannot edit the store owner's account.

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