Enabling Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay enables customers to pay easily and securely through your online store using an accelerated checkout process. When customers are logged on to Facebook, they can speed through checkout with their stored credentials and there is no need for them to sign in again. Plus, payment card numbers are encrypted for secure storage. The customer taps the Facebook Pay button and then Facebook Pay provides that information to the payment provider.

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Requirements for Merchants to add Facebook Pay

To enable the Facebook Pay button, you need to have Shopify Payments enabled, and your online store needs to be located in the United States.

Merchants don't need to have a Facebook account to add the Facebook Pay option to an online store.

Requirements for Customers to use Facebook Pay

To use Facebook Pay for purchases, your customers need to be using an IP address based in the United States, and a mobile device with one of the following browsers:

  • Safari for iOS
  • Chrome for Android

Activate Facebook Pay

To activate Facebook Pay, you need to enable Facebook Pay in your Shopify admin. If your store meets Facebook’s commerce policies, then Facebook Pay is activated within two days.

Use the following steps to enable Facebook Pay in your Shopify admin.


  1. In the Shopify payments section, click Manage.

  2. In the Wallets section, select Facebook Pay.

  3. Click Save.

Customer experience using Facebook Pay

When a customer visits your online store using a supported browser on their mobile device, they have an accelerated checkout option using the Facebook Pay button. If the customer taps the Facebook Pay button, then they'll see their billing and shipping information. If necessary, customers can change their information, before completing their purchase.

If a customer has the Facebook app installed, then the app is used to authenticate their purchase. Otherwise, a customer can authenticate using a browser.


Facebook Pay not showing in the Shopify admin

Facebook Pay is only available to merchants on Shopify Payments.

Facebook Pay not showing in checkout

Facebook Pay appears on Safari iOS and Chrome Android mobile devices only.


How is the Facebook Pay button different from existing payment buttons?

Facebook Pay provides a seamless and secure way to send money, donate to causes, and make purchases. It’s fast, convenient, easy to use, and it's secure. You can use Facebook Pay to make purchases both on and off Facebook apps and services, and there is no additional cost to merchants to use it.

What payment methods are available to customers when they checkout on an online store with the Facebook Pay button?

Customers can load their preferred credit or debit card to Facebook Pay. Additional payment methods will be added over time.

Where can I go to find more information about Facebook Pay?

You can visit pay.facebook.com for more details.

What are the costs to merchants for accepting Facebook Pay?

There is no additional cost to merchants for accepting Facebook Pay.

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