Editing the checkout form options

You can change some of the fields on your checkout pages so that they are required, optional, or hidden.

For example:

  • If some customers abandon their carts because they don't want to provide their phone number during an online checkout, then the phone number can be set to Optional.
  • If your payment provider or shipping carrier requires that the customer provide a phone number to complete the checkout, then the phone number can be set to Required.

You can change the following form options:

  • Full name: Require that your customer either enter both a first and a last name, or only a last name.
  • Company name: Include or hide a company name field.
  • Address line 2 (apartment, unit, etc.): Include or hide an additional address line.
  • Shipping address phone number: Include or hide a phone number field.


Bot prevention

You can enable these challenges for all your checkouts or you can enable them for the duration of a Launchpad event only. You should only enable these challenges if your online store has an issue with bots. Otherwise, you risk lengthening your checkout process unnecessarily.

To enable these challenges for all checkouts, enable the enable reCaptcha option on the Preferences page of the Online store channel.

To enable these challenges during a Launchpad event, refer to Create an event.

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