Editing the checkout form options

You can change some of the fields on your checkout pages so that they are required, optional, or hidden.

For example:

  • If some customers abandon their carts because they don't want to provide their phone number during an online checkout, then the phone number can be set to Optional.
  • If your payment provider or shipping carrier requires that the customer provide a phone number to complete the checkout, then the phone number can be set to Required.

You can change the following form options:

  • Full name: Require that your customer either enter both a first and a last name, or only a last name.
  • Company name: Include or hide a company name field.
  • Address line 2 (apartment, unit, etc.): Include or hide an additional address line.
  • Shipping address phone number: Include or hide a phone number field.

If you sell to customers in the following countries and have modified your checkout to collect house numbers, then remove your customizations:

Countries that collect house number at checkout
Argentina Austria Belgium Brazil Chile
China Colombia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
Finland France Germany Hong Kong SAR Hungary
Israel Italy Japan Latvia Malaysia
Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland
Portugal Romania Russia Singapore South Africa
Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

If you leave your customization in place, then your customer is asked to enter their house number twice.


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