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We are offering a limited number of merchants the opportunity to test a new checkout flow in the form of an A/B experiment. After you have installed the Payment Request app, your customers information is autofilled based on their pre-saved browser information. As part of this A/B experiment, customers who are able to make a payment using the Payment Request app are shown the new checkout flow 50% of the time.

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Here are some frequently asked question about the Payment Request app.

How does Payment Request work?

A modal appears when your customer clicks on the checkout button. This autofills your customer's information that is already saved in their browser to offer a faster checkout.

What are the benefits of the Payment Request flow?

It replaces traditional checkout forms by using the payment and shipping information that's securely stored in your customers’ browsers. This improves your customer's checkout experience by making it easier for them to complete their purchases, which means less cart abandonment, better conversion rates, and more sales. The Payment Request app provides the following features:

  • Seamless checkout experience
  • Consistent and familiar checkout experience
  • Faster checkout because your customer's information is saved in the browser

What are the limitations of the Payment Request flow?

The Request Payment app has the following limitations:

  • The new checkout flow does not expose checkout customizations. A modal is used instead.
  • The new checkout flow does not process cart customizations such as cart attributes or notes.
  • The new checkout flow works only with Chrome for Android, Chrome on desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux), Chrome for iOS, Microsoft Edge, and Samsung Internet Browser. All other browsers go through the traditional flow.
  • Gift cards and discounts cannot be processed using the new checkout flow. The Payment Request app does not support extra fields such as discount codes or gift cards at this time.

Which browsers does this work on?

Payment Request is available on the following browsers and devices:

  • Chrome for Android (v53+)
  • Chrome on desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux) (v61+)
  • Chrome for iOS (v62+), Microsoft Edge (v15+)
  • Samsung Internet Browser (v15+)

How can you participate?

You can opt in when you see the homecard in your dashboard. From there, you can install the Payment Request app. After you install the app, the experiment starts. To opt out of the experiment, delete the app.

I'm not seeing Payment Request. Is something wrong?

No, you might have been placed into the control group that doesn't get Payment Request. To be placed into the experiment group to view the new checkout flow modal sheet:

  1. Append ?shopifyDebug=true to the URL on a page with a checkout button. For example
  2. Refresh the page.
  3. Click checkout.

I've installed the app, what should I do next?

After you install the app, check to see if everything looks good on any page with a checkout button or a slide-out cart.

At this time, we do not provide support for conflicting JS/app issues or discount link issues.

How can I turn off this feature?

Uninstalling the app turns off the beta experiment for your store.

Where can I submit feedback on this feature?

If you would like to submit feedback on this feature, then use the Payment Request Beta feedback form.

This is an early beta experiment. All feedback is welcome and helps our team refine the product.

Where is the customer's information stored?

Your customer’s information is stored locally and confidentially in their browser.

How does this work with discounts and Gift cards?

Gift cards and discounts cannot be processed using the new checkout flow. Payment Request does not support extra fields such as discount codes or gift cards at this time. However, your customers have access to a Have a discount or gift card? link before they click the checkout button. If they choose to input a discount code or gift card, then they proceed through the traditional checkout flow.

Can the payment modal be customized?

The Payment Request modal is generated in a standard format from the browser and cannot be customized with colors or branding.

The product team does not support the customization of the discount link on the cart page.

Can I see data or results from the experiment?

We can't share data or results at the end of the experiment. We are offering this experiment to a limited number of early users and we can't offer findings on individual stores.

How is this different from Shop Pay?

If you are using Shopify Payments, then Shop Pay uses and saves your customers' payment information on Shopify's secure servers. The Payment Request checkout uses information that your customer has saved on their browser and is available to you using any onsite payment gateway.

Can the modal appear in the customers preferred language?

The new checkout flow modal appears in the customer’s browser language, except for any error messages (which are displayed in English).

Can I see which transactions went through the new checkout flow?

At this time, you can't see which transactions go through the new checkout flow as opposed to the regular checkout. You can still see overall cart conversion rates in your Analytics page.

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