Managing chargebacks and inquiries

When you get a chargeback or inquiry on an order made with Shopify Payments, Shopify collects evidence and sends it to the credit card company on the due date. Before Shopify sends the response, you can add additional evidence in the Shopify admin. After the evidence is submitted, the chargeback or inquiry is resolved within 120 days.

Chargebacks are decided by the cardholder's bank. Shopify is not able to influence or revert this decision. Shopify can assist you by providing information to dispute the chargeback. Refer to our section about chargebacks for more information.

View and add evidence for a chargeback


The type of evidence that you should add depends on the reason for the chargeback.

View all chargebacks and inquiries

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

  2. Click Filter orders.

  3. From the Select a filter... drop-down menu, select Chargeback and inquiry status.

  4. From the Select a value... drop-down menu, select open.

  5. Click Add filter.

You see a list of all the orders with chargebacks or inquiries that Shopify hasn't sent to the credit card company yet.

Chargeback status

The status of a chargeback or inquiry explains which part of the process it's in. A chargeback or inquiry can be in one of the following states:

  • open: Shopify hasn't sent the response yet. You can still add evidence to the response.
  • submitted: The credit card company is reviewing the evidence and making a decision about the chargeback or inquiry.
  • won: You won the chargeback.
  • lost: You lost the chargeback.

Chargeback responses

You have the best chance of recovering lost sales from chargebacks when you use chargeback responses compiled by Shopify for each affected order. You can add additional evidence directly from Shopify, and then Shopify sends it to the credit card company.

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