Understanding Shopify Payments Pay Periods in France

As a merchant based in France, it's important to understand how pay periods work and when you can expect to receive funds from your customers' payments. In this article, you can find the pay period for Shopify Payments in France, including important details and requirements that you need to be aware of.

What are pay periods?

Your pay period refers to the amount of time between the moment that a customer's payment is captured and when those funds are sent to your bank account. The timestamp for capturing a customer's payment is recorded in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Payments captured on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are consolidated and sent as a single payment.

Pay periods in France

In France, the pay period is three calendar days, and it can't be customized to a different payout schedule. This means that the funds from your customers' payments will be sent to your bank account within three days of the payment being captured.

If a payout falls on a weekend or holiday, then the funds will be accessible after the weekend or holiday. This is because banks typically take between 24-72 hours to process deposits to your bank account.

Minimum payout amount

For Shopify Payments accounts in France, there is a minimum payout amount of 10 EUR. If the total payout amount is less than this threshold, then the payout will remain in a pending state until more funds are available to reach the minimum payout amount. After the minimum payout amount is reached, the funds will be sent to your bank account during the next pay period.

Viewing your payouts

When you view your payouts in your Shopify admin, you might notice that you are getting paid by PayPal Europe instead of Shopify Payments. This is expected for Shopify Payments in France and is simply a display name. Rest assured that the funds are still being processed through Shopify Payments, and there's no need to be concerned.

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