Using Kit with Facebook

Kit can help you run Facebook ads. When you run an ad on Facebook with Kit, Facebook bills the payment method associated with your Facebook ad account. You don't pay Kit for running Facebook ads.

Before you can use Kit to run Facebook ads, you need to connect Kit to your Facebook Business Manager. Your Business Manager must be connected to a Facebook ad account and your store's Facebook page. Learn more about connecting a Facebook Business Manager to Kit.

Kit is connected to your Shopify store, so you can use it to advertise the newest, bestselling, or slowest-selling products in your store, or you can select priority products to feature in Facebook ads. You can also use Kit to run Facebook dynamic ads, which retarget ads to store visitors that feature products they've looked at.

If you don't want to run a Facebook ad, but you want to share your products on Facebook, then you can also use Kit to post regular updates to your Facebook Page.

Facebook advertising policies

All ads for Facebook that you create with Kit need to follow the Facebook Advertising Policies, and Facebook is responsible for approving or rejecting ads. If an ad doesn't meet their standards, then the ad is rejected and you won't be billed. If you have any questions about your Facebook ads, then contact Facebook Advertising Support. Kit doesn't play any role in approving Facebook ads.

For a complete list of the Facebook ad policies, see Facebook Advertising Policies.

Facebook provides guidelines for the following:

Image size

The images you use for Facebook ads need to be 1200 x 628 px.

Text in images

To make sure your ad reaches the most people, the images that it displays shouldn't include text. See Facebook's guide for using text in ad images for more information on how text in images can reduce your ad's reach.

You can use Facebook's text overlay tool to see whether your image contains too much text.

Audience requirements

Kit builds audiences for your Facebook ads from people aged 18 and up. Because these audiences include people under age 21, Kit can't market products restricted to people age 21 and over. If you sell these types of products in your store, then Kit can't run ads for those products.

Spending limits for Facebook ads

You can set a spending limit from your Facebook ad account. Facebook's spending limit is a way to make sure you don't overspend on your ads. If you spend enough on ads to reach your spending limit, then all your ads stop running, including those that are performing well.

To prevent ads from stopping without you being aware, you can set a spend limit of $0.

To learn more about setting your spend limit for Facebook ads, see the following video: Facebook Spend Cap.

Run a Facebook ad with Kit

You can start running a Facebook ad through a conversation with Kit. Kit is connected to your Shopify store, so you can use it to advertise the newest, bestselling, or slowest-selling products in your store. If you want to select specific products to advertise, then you can add those to your Priority products in Kit.

When you set up a Facebook ad in Kit, you can select the budget for the ad from a list of budget options. Kit's ad budgets are designed to help you spend the right amount to make an ad successful. You can't edit the budgets available for creating Facebook ads in Kit.

The length of time that a Facebook ad runs depends on the budget that you select for each ad. Ads with a budget of $30 USD or less run for 2 days. All other ads run for 7 days.


  1. In the messaging service that you use to communicate with Kit, say hi kit to start a new conversation.

  2. Begin the process of running a Facebook ad:

    • If you're communicating with Kit using Shopify Ping, then tap Market products > Run an ad on Facebook.
    • If you're communicating with Kit using SMS text, then choose 1 to market your products with Kit, then choose 1 again to market products on Facebook.
  3. Select the products that you want to promote, or select Showcase your store to let Kit choose products to promote. You can select from the following product sets:

    • Priority products are a custom set of products you select from the Kit dashboard
    • New products are those that have been added to your store recently
    • Recent best sellers are products that have been doing particularly well lately
    • Slowest moving inventory are your products that have seen less-then-average sales
  4. Select a budget for the ad. Ads with a bigger budget run for more time.

  5. Kit sends you a link to preview the ad, and the ad is automatically published. You can edit an ad that's already running from your Facebook ad account.

Facebook dynamic ads

You can use Facebook dynamic ads to promote relevant products to your Shopify store visitors. Standard Facebook ads feature specific products, but dynamic ads feature products that visitors have viewed in past. Dynamic ads can increase the likelihood that visitors return to your store and place an order.

Dynamic ads work best when you have traffic visiting your online store, because the audience for the ads is built based on the activity of your store visitors. You can consider running standard Facebook ads at the same time as a dynamic ad, because standard ads bring traffic to your store and dynamic ads retarget visitors with products that they're interested in. If you don't have a lot of traffic to your online store, then you should run a standard Facebook ad before you try to run a dynamic ad.

Facebook creates customized ads for each visitor that include the products the visitor viewed or added to cart. These products display in Facebook carousel ads.

Set up Kit to run Facebook dynamic ads

Follow steps from the Kit dashboard to set up Kit's Facebook dynamic ads skill.


  1. From the Kit dashboard, click Retarget visitors and increase conversions.
  2. Connect to Facebook, and then click Done.
  3. Connect to your Facebook business page, then click Done.
  4. Connect to your Business Manager, then click Done.
  5. Add an ad account to your Business Manager, then click Done.
  6. Accept Facebook's Custom Audience Terms, and then click Done.
  7. Accept Facebook's Website Audience Terms, and then click Done.
  8. Select your target country, and then click Done.
  9. Accept that you allow Kit to export your product catalog to Facebook, and then click Done.

After setup, Kit messages you to ask if you want to start a retargeting ad. If you reply yes, then Kit confirms the budget, based on running the ad for two weeks. After you agree to the budget, Kit creates an ad template, builds the custom audience for targeting the ad, and then runs your ad when the custom audience is ready.

Default ad targeting for Facebook dynamic ads created by Kit

By default, the Facebook dynamic ads that you create with Kit are targeted to a custom audience based on the visitors to your Shopify online store. Kit builds this custom audience automatically after you install Kit's Retarget visitors and increase conversions skill for dynamic ads. In Facebook Ads Manager, you can see the custom audience that Kit builds under the name Storefront Traffic Audience. The custom audience is ready after the Facebook pixel tracks visits to your online store from 20 unique Facebook users in the past 28 days.

The custom audience that Kit builds for Facebook dynamic ads allows for global targeting, and it can't be narrowed down to a specific country.

Transitioning from Kit and how to continue running Facebook ads

When Kit is no longer available, you can continue to market your store on Facebook using the following methods.

Running Facebook ads

If you want to run ads on Facebook in the Marketing section of your Shopify admin, then you should install the Facebook channel and set up the Facebook Marketing feature. You can use the Facebook channel to create Facebook Page posts, audience building ads, and dynamic retargeting ads.

Connecting a Facebook ad account

When you set up Facebook marketing in the Facebook channel, you're asked to connect or create a new Facebook ad account. You can select your existing Facebook ad account that you use with Kit, and continue to use it to run ads in the Marketing section of your Shopify admin. You don't need to create a new Facebook ad account.

Continue using your Facebook pixel

You can use the Facebook pixel that you set up using Kit because the pixel is connected to the Facebook ad account that you used with Kit. When you set up the Facebook channel, your pixel remains active if you continue to use the same Facebook ad account. Learn more about connecting your pixel to the Facebook channel and selecting a data sharing option.

Creating ads with your existing Facebook pixel data

If you create new ads with the same Facebook ad account that you set up using Kit, then you can access all the existing data that was collected with the Facebook pixel associated with that account.

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