Searching for products and filtering your product list

All your products are listed in the Products area in Shopify. 50 products are listed on each page. To organize the list of products, and to find products in a list that spans many pages, you can sort, search, and filter the list.

By default, your product list is sorted alphabetically (from A to Z) by product name.

The way that your products are sorted or filtered in the Products area of the admin doesn't affect how your products are shown in your online store. If you need to change the way that your products appear to customers in your online store, then change the sort order for the products in a collection.

Sort your product list

You can sort your product list by product name (the default), inventory, product type, or vendor.

Sorting affects the order of the products in the Shopify admin, but not in your online store. You can sort your product list to help you find the products that you need to update or review. For example, to see which of your products are running low in stock, you can sort your product list by inventory.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > All products.

  2. Click a column header. For example, to view all products sorted by inventory quantity, click the Inventory column header.

    Sorting by inventory quantity

    To reverse the sort order of your list, click the small triangle beside the column header.

Filter your product list

By default, all your products are listed on the Products area. You can filter this list to show a smaller subset of the products.

Filtering your product list can help you find the specific products that you need to edit, review, or update.

For example, if you sell clothing and want to view a list of only your T-shirts, then you could filter by the product type T-shirt. Only the products of that type will then be shown in the product list, making it easier for you to review and update that subset of products.

If you add more than one filter, then only the products that match all of the conditions will be shown.

Search for a product

Save a product search or filtered product list

After you search for or filter your products, you can save the search or filter so that you can easily use it again later.

After you set up your filters or search for words, click Save search and give your search a name:

Saving a search

The search is saved as a tab on the Products page on desktop, and the products screen in the app.

Next time that you need to find the products that match the same search words or filters, click the tab that is labelled with the search name. The product list will immediately update with the subset of products.

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