Combined Listings app overview

Learn about eligibility requirements and considerations for using the Shopify Combined Listings app to create combined listings.

A combined listing is composed of a parent product, which is the combined listing itself, and its child products, which are the products included in the combined listing. Combined listing options display first in your Shopify admin on the product details page, and on your online storefront.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the Shopify Combined Listings app, your store must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be on either a Plus or enterprise commerce plan.
  • Your store must be using the Online Store sales channel.
  • To display combined listings on your storefront, you must have a compatible theme.

Theme eligibility requirements

Combined listings display on free Shopify themes version 15.0.0 or later.

For all other themes, your theme code might require additional customization to display combined listings on your storefront. You can find instructions for updating your theme code in the developer documentation for supporting high-variant products. If you need help with making changes to your theme, then you can contact your theme's developer for support.

If you're not sure whether your theme is compatible, then you can contact your theme's developer for support.

Incompatibility considerations

Certain features and apps are either incompatible with the Combined Listings app, or prevent certain options within the Combined Listings app from working as expected. Review the following considerations:

  • Combined listings only display on your online storefront.
  • A combined listing can't be added as a featured product on your online store.
  • Child products might display other child products from a shared combined listing in automatically generated related products.
  • Apps that display information on the product page of your storefront might not be compatible with combined listing product pages. You can preview the combined listing product page before publishing it to test app compatibility.
  • Combined listings can't be added to a product bundle or added as a subscription product.
  • When filtering product options with the Shopify Search & Discovery app, the child products of a combined listing won't be included in the filter results.

Review additional considerations for creating combined listings.

Identifying combined listings

A combined listing is listed in the Products section of your Shopify admin as a unique product listing separate from its child products.

You can identify combined listing products in the following areas of your Shopify admin:

  • In the Products section, the Inventory column displays Combined listings with XX variants for a combined listing.
  • A Combined listing and its child products display the Combined Listings app block on the product details page.
  • The Variants section of a combined listing parent and its child products product details page have the following differences from a regular product:
    • The Variants section of the product details page displays the options and option values added from the Combined Listings app. You can click Edit with Combined Listings to edit the combined listing options in the Combined Listings app.
    • The child product's variants are displayed separately, and can be edited from the product details page or variant details page.
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