Product media types

The following sections describe the product media types that you can add to your products, and things to keep in mind before adding them.


Product images are used to display products across Shopify's sales channels, including on the online store and in Shopify POS. The best file type for most product images is JPEG. The exact way that images appear on your store depends on your online store theme.

Your product and collection images can be any size up to 4472 x 4472 px, or 20 megapixels. Product and collection images need to have a file size smaller than 20 MB to be added to Shopify.

High resolution photos look more polished and professional to your customers. For square product images, a size of 2048 x 2048 px usually looks best.

When you add an image, Shopify automatically creates different sizes for use in different areas of your online store theme. For example, a product image's large version might be used on the product detail page, where the customer wants to see the product in detail. The compact version of the same image might be used on the collection templates, where a larger image isn't necessary.

3D models

3D models are virtual representations of an object in three dimensions. They let you view the object from any angle. With 3D models, you can provide your customers with a better sense of the size, scale, and detail of your products. You need to make sure that your 3D model files meet the following requirements before you add them to your online store:

  • File size: Recommended size is 6MB or under; maximum size of 15MB accepted.
  • File type: GLB


You can add videos for your product in two ways: uploading a video file, or embedding a YouTube video link. If you're uploading video files, then make sure that they meet the following requirements:

  • Video length: Up to 60 seconds
  • Video size: Up to 1 GB
  • Video resolution: Up to 4K (4096 x 2160 px)
  • Video file type: .mp4 or .mov

You don't need to meet these requirements for embedding YouTube videos.

You can add images, 3D models, or videos for your products from your Shopify admin or the Shopify mobile app.

Supported themes

The following themes by Shopify support the display of 3D models or videos on your online store:

If you use a theme developed by a third party, then you can contact your theme developer to find out if your theme supports 3D models or videos.

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