Exporting reviews using Product Reviews

To keep displaying the reviews that you've collected using the Product Reviews app after May 6, 2024, you can export your reviews and then import your reviews to the app that you're migrating to.

Export reviews

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.

  2. From the Apps and sales channels page, click Product Reviews.

  3. Click Open app.

  4. Click Settings.

  5. Click Export.

If you have 100 reviews or fewer, then a CSV spreadsheet file downloads in your browser. If you have more than 100 reviews, then you receive a link by email to download your reviews as a ZIP file. When you receive the email, download and unzip the file to get the CSV file of your product reviews.

Product review CSV files

Exported product reviews are formatted into a CSV spreadsheet file. The following table describes the headers of the spreadsheet and types of information that belong in each column:

Product review spreadsheet headers
Header nameProduct review information
product_handleThis is the tail end of your product's URL. For example, if your product displays on your online store at https://johns-apparel.com/products/blue-t-shirt, then the product_handle is blue-t-shirt.
stateThe status of the review, such as approved or published.
ratingA score from 0-5, where 5 represents the most positive product review.
titleA short, bolded title summarizing the customer's experience. For example, "Awesome!"
authorThe first and last name connected to the customer account that submitted the review.
emailThe customer's email address.
locationThe customer's address, such as their city and country.
bodyA longer description of the customer's experience. They can elaborate on what they liked or did not like about your product.
replyAn optional response to the review.
created_atThe date and time when the product review was created by the customer.
replied_atThe date and time when the reply was created.
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