Product Reviews app migration checklist

This checklist outlines the steps to migrate from the Product Reviews app to another product review app. You might find it helpful to print this page so that you can refer to it throughout the process.

Install a new product review app

You can use any product review app that's available on the Shopify App Store. To support your migration from the Product Reviews app, Shopify has partnered with the following five apps that can help sync your reviews between channels, including your online store and the Shop app:

Export your existing product reviews from the Product Reviews app

Import your existing product reviews to your new product review app

The steps to migrate your product reviews to a new app depend on the app that you choose to migrate to. For assistance importing your reviews, refer to the app's documentation, or contact their support team.

If you're migrating to, Loox, Okendo, or Stamped,io, or Yotpo, then refer to the following documentation depending on which app you choose:

Confirm that your reviews have been imported

Uninstall the Shopify Product Reviews app

After you import your reviews to a new product reviews app and have confirmed that they display on your online store, uninstall the Product Reviews app.

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