Troubleshooting common contract CSV import issues

If you're having a problem importing your contract comma-separated values (CSV) file, then check if the issue is listed in the following solutions. If you're still having problems, then contact Shopify Support.

CSV file exceeds 10MB

A CSV file has a maximum upload size of 10 MB. If your CSV file is larger than 10MB, then you can split the CSV into multiple files under the maximum upload size to import separately.

Error messages and solutions

CSV file contains no contract information

If all the values in the CSV columns are empty, then the CSV file won't import. Fill each row with the required contract information.

CSV file contains only duplicate contracts

If all handle columns in the CSV file match existing contract handles, then the CSV file won't import because there are no new contracts to import. If there are contracts that are meant to be new contracts, then change the handles to a unique name.

Column errors

A CSV file with incorrect columns might produce any of the following errors:

  • Column is unsupported
  • Column is missing
  • Column is duplicated

Make sure the columns in your CSV file match the required columns in the correct order.

The duration described in cadence_interval_count exceeds maximum

The cadence interval count has a maximum of 100 years.

Additional contracts with the same handle have invalid fields

For contracts with multiple line items, only add values to the following columns:

  • handle
  • line_variant_id
  • line_quantity
  • line_current_price
  • Optional: line_selling_plan_id
  • Optional: line_selling_plan_name

Duplicate contract

Duplicate contracts are contracts with a handle that matches an existing contract in the app. Duplicate contracts are ignored. If the contract is meant to be a new contract, then change the contract handle to a unique value.

delivery_address_phone has an invalid local delivery phone number

The delivery_address_phone must match a valid phone number format.

delivery_pickup_method_location_id has an invalid Pickup Location ID

The delivery_pickup_method_location_id must match the ID of a location in your Shopify admin.

Contracts have invalid delivery method fields

Each delivery method has specfic delivery method fields that must have empty values. The following methods require these specific fields to be blank:

  • Contracts on the shipping delivery method have invalid fields: The delivery_local_delivery_phone, delivery_local_delivery_instructions, delivery_pickup_method_location_id fields must be blank.
  • Contracts on the local delivery method have invalid fields: The delivery_pickup_method_location_id field must be blank.
  • Contracts on the pick up method have invalid fields: All delivery address fields, the delivery_local_delivery_phone field, and the delivery_local_delivery_instructions field must be blank.
  • Contracts with no delivery method have invalid fields All delivery address, local delivery, and pick up fields must be blank.

Column is blank

Required columns must have values. Add the missing value to the column.

Column has non-numerical values

Remove any characters from the indicated column that aren't numbers.

Column has values below the minimum acceptable value

The values in the column can't be lower than the described minimum value. Change the value to a higher value.

Column has values above the maximum acceptable value

The values in the column can't be higher than the described maximum value. Change the value to a lower value.

Column has values that are too long

The values in the column can't exceed the described maximum allowed length. Shorten the value to a length within the accepted range.

Column has formatting errors

The format of the value provided in the column does not match the required format. For example, the cadence_interval_count column has to be a number.

Column has an invalid format

All values in line_current_price and delivery_price must be in a valid currency format.

delivery_address_country_code has an invalid country code

The delivery_address_country_code must be a valid country code. Country codes must be formatted in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code format.

currency_code has an invalid currency code

The currency_code value must be a valid currency code.

Currency code not enabled

The currency code used in your CSV must be active on your store.

Column does not match any of the predefined acceptable values

All values in cadence_interval, status, and delivery_method_type columns must match one of the specific value options described in the CSV description.

upcoming_billing_date has an invalid date time format

The upcoming_billing_date value must be in the ISO 8601 format of YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ. Time is in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

upcoming_billing_date has an invalid upcoming billing date

The upcoming_billing_date value must be set to a date and time at least 24 hours after the date and time that the CSV file is imported.

delivery_address_zip has an invalid zip code

The delivery_address_zip value must be a valid zip or postal code.

customer_payment_method_id does not match the customer

The customer_payment_method_id must match the customer_id specified in the same row.

customer_id has an invalid customer ID

The customer_id value needs to match the correct customer ID in your Shopify admin.

customer_payment_method_id has an invalid customer payment method ID

The customer_payment_method_id value needs to match the correct payment method ID in your Shopify admin.

product_variant_id has an invalid product variant ID

The product_variant_id value needs to match the correct variant ID in your Shopify admin.

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