Editing variants for an existing product

You can edit and remove variants for a product on its details page. This gives you the flexibility to change the variants that you sell for a product at any time.

Change variant details

You can change the details for a specific variant. For example, you can change the price of the variant, or change its image.


Editing variants for stores with multiple locations

If your store uses multiple locations, then the way that you edit variants is different than it is for stores store with only one location.

Edit the prices, quantities, SKUs, barcodes, or HS codes for all variants

You can quickly edit the prices, quantities, SKUs, barcodes, or HS codes for all the variants of a product, without selecting the variants first.


  1. In the Variants section, click Edit variants.

  2. Select one of the Edit options.

  3. In the Edit dialog, provide a new price or quantity for all the variants, or specify the values for each variant individually.

  4. Click Save.

Edit all variants in the bulk editor

For an existing product, you can edit all the fields for all the variants in the bulk editor, without selecting the variants first.


  1. In the Variants section, click Edit variants > Open bulk editor.
  2. On the Bulk editor page, enter your changes in the related fields.
  3. Click Save.

For information on using the bulk editor, see Bulk editing products and variants.

Change the display order of options

When your customers are viewing your products, they see variant options in a particular order. You can change the display order on the product details page.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > All products.

  2. Click the name of the product whose options you want to re-order.

  3. In the Variants section of the product details page, click More actions > Reorder variants.

  4. In the Reorder variants and options dialog, click and drag an option name to move it to a different position.

  5. After you have the options in the order that you want, you can change the display order of the option values. Click and drag an option value to move it to a different position.

  6. Click Save.

Edit a product's options

You can add, remove, or edit options and option values from the product details page. When you change an option name or its value, it is saved as a new variant. You might notice this when when importing or exporting CSV files for your products.

When you're creating a new variant option, you can add only the default value. You can add more values by adding new variants.


Delete a variant

When you delete a variant, it is permanently removed.

If you don't want to sell a product with variants any more, then you need to delete all its variants, including the default. Otherwise the drop-down menu to select a variant is still shown to your customers. To delete multiple variants together, use a bulk action.


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