Shopify Collabs Discover

After you're approved for early access to Shopify Collabs you can search for brands to apply to, and connect with businesses that share your interests. When you apply to brands, you can access which applications are active, and which are pending approval from your Shopify Collabs admin.


The Discover page in your Shopify Collabs admin shows you businesses that are looking to connect with creators. You are matched with brands that are similar to your interests in your profile. You can apply to work with brands from the Discover page.


  1. Log in on the Shopify Collabs Creator page.

  2. From the Shopify Collabs admin, tap > Discover.

  3. On the Discover page, scroll through to find brands that are searching for creators matching your interests.

Apply to brands

After you Create your account, you're sent an email when you're approved to use Shopify Collabs early access. To get started connecting with brands, click Explore brands in the email that is sent to you.


  1. From the Shopify Collabs Discover page, tap on a brand's name to access the brand profile.

  2. On the brand profile, learn more about the brand, and the benefits of collaborating with the brand.

  3. If you're interested in working with the brand, then click Apply to collab.

  4. On the brand application page, complete the application's questions.

  5. When you complete all of the required questions in the application, tap Send application.

  6. After you submit your application, it's sent to the brand for review.

  7. The brand reviews your application. If they approve your application, then you are sent an email.


You can access all of your active, pending, and inactive collabs with brands on the Collabs page of the Shopify Collabs admin. The Collabs page lets you review the details of each collab that you are working with.


  1. From the Shopify Collabs admin, tap > Collabs.

  2. To review your collabs, tap one of the following options:

    • Active: The Active tab details all of the current collabs with brands that you are working on.
    • Pending: The Pending tab details all the applications that you have submitted to brands that have not been reviewed by the brand.
    • Inactive: The Inactive tab details all of the collabs with brands that you are no longer working on.
  3. Find the collab that you want to review, and tap the name of the brand.

  4. On the Collabs details page, review the details of your collab including gifts from the brand, commission and discounts, your affiliate products, store link, and discount codes.


If a brand sends you a gift, or an additional discount for a purchase, then you can review the details on the Gifts page of the Shopify Collabs admin.


  1. From the Shopify Collabs admin, tap > Gifts.

  2. Optional: If you have multiple gifts from multiple brands listed here, then you can use the drop down menu to select which brand's gifts you would like to review.

  3. When you're ready to redeem one of the gifts sent to you, tap Redeem next to the gift name.

  4. On the gift redemption page, tap Claim on the gift you want.

  5. Confirm the product details, your contact information, and shipping address and then tap Redeem.

  6. Your gift is now redeemed. You can review the details and track the gift's shipment status in the Redeemed status section of the Gifts page.

Weekly application limit

To help you stand out, we limit applications to 10 each week. You can continue to save your favorite brands to return to later.

The weekly application limit will reset every Monday, and we’ll send you an email to remind you that applications are open again.

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