Creating marketing campaigns and automations

From the Marketing page in Shopify, you can create and manage marketing campaigns for promotions. The Marketing page also includes recommendations to improve your marketing strategy.

To create marketing automations, go to Marketing > Automations.

Understanding marketing campaigns and automations

Marketing campaigns and automations can each help you grow your customer base in different ways, but you can consider using both in your overall marketing strategy.

Marketing campaigns include one or more marketing activities such as content marketing or advertising. Marketing campaigns are usually directed at a specific promotion because you can publish activities within a set timeframe. For example, you might run a Facebook ad to promote a sale on a product, or you might create a post on a social media platform to let your followers know about a new product. When you create a marketing activity in Shopify, you have the option to save it as a draft and publish it when it's ready, so that you can prepare your marketing activities in advance. For important events, such as Black Friday, you can group marketing activities together to work toward a specific campaign objective.

Marketing automations are best for growing your customer base and improving online store sales on an ongoing basis. You can use them to capture new store visitors, improve online store conversions, and market to existing store visitors. For example, you might run a Google Smart Shopping campaign to display your products in Google searches, or you might set up abandoned checkout recovery emails to automatically remind visitors to return to your store and complete an order. You can pause, edit, or delete the marketing automations that you create in Shopify.

You need to have a marketing app installed and your store needs to be on the Basic Shopify plan or higher to create marketing activities and automations. Many marketing apps require you to sell by using a Shopify online store.

Create a marketing activity or automation

You can create marketing campaigns and automations from Shopify. The details that you need to add depend on the activity or automation that you're creating.

When you create a marketing activity or automation in Shopify, you have the option to save it as a draft and publish it when it's ready, so that you can prepare your marketing in advance.


Add a marketing activity to an existing campaign

Editing, pausing, or deleting a marketing activity or automation

You can edit, pause, or delete draft and published marketing activities or automations from Shopify. Before you update a marketing activity, you can check the top of the page to see if another staff member might also be making changes to the same marketing activity.

When you edit a draft marketing activity or automation, you can save your changes or publish it. Draft marketing activities are listed on the Marketing page and draft automations are listed on the Marketing > Automations page.

To delete a marketing activity that you created in Shopify, go to the Marketing section of your Shopify admin, and then click Campaigns. Select the marketing activity that you want to delete, click Delete activity, and then click Delete activity again to confirm your choice.

When you delete a marketing activity or automation in Shopify, you won't be billed for it anymore. Shopify syncs to the related service to update your account with any changes that you make. While the activity or automation is in the process of being deleted outside of Shopify, it has a Being deleted status in Shopify. After the activity is fully deleted outside of Shopify, it's removed from the list in Shopify. Deleting a marketing activity or automation is permanent.

Marketing activities created outside of Shopify need to be deleted from the service where they were created.

Archive a marketing campaign

You can archive marketing campaigns in Shopify that match any of the following conditions:

  • There are no marketing activities in the campaign
  • All of the marketing activities in the campaign are paused
  • All of the marketing activities in the campaign have failed to sync

You can't add any marketing activities to an archived campaign, but you can unarchive it at any time and then add activities. To view archived campaigns, click the link on the Marketing page.

You can archive a marketing campaign from its details page.


  1. In Shopify, go to Marketing.

  2. Click an existing marketing campaign.

  3. Click Archive campaign.

Marketing recommendations

The recommendation section includes changes that you can make to your store to improve traffic and increase the conversion of visitors into customers. Shopify continues to add recommendations specific to your business as your business evolves. Use the < and > to change to the previous or next recommendations. If you don't want to a specific recommendation anymore, then click No, thanks.

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