Shopify Ping

Shopify Ping is a free iOS app that you can use to manage messages from your customers. You can use Ping to integrate with third-party messaging channels like Facebook Messenger to send all of your messages to a single inbox, so you can save time by responding to them from one place.

Installing Shopify Ping on your iOS device

You can install Shopify Ping from the Apple App Store on your iOS device.

Requirements for using Shopify Ping

To use Ping, you need:

  • an iOS device, such as an iPhone
  • a Shopify online store
  • a Facebook business page
  • a Facebook Ads account

Using Shopify Ping with Kit

When you download Shopify Ping, you can also install Kit. Kit is a digital marketing assistant that can run email and social media campaigns. It can also create Facebook and Instagram ads for your online store.

For more details, see Kit.

You can use Ping to view and edit the ads and social media posts that Kit creates before they're published. Kit also provides information about why it recommends certain products for advertising through Ping.

Integrating Shopify Ping with third-party messaging services

You can use Shopify Ping to sync messages from Facebook Messenger and ChatKit to view and respond to them from a single place. To integrate Ping with a messaging service, you need to have the messaging service installed in Shopify.

You can integrate Ping with one or more of the following services, if you're using them with your online store:

  • Facebook Messenger channel - You can use the Facebook Messenger channel to let customers shop directly from messages and to respond to customer questions.
  • ChatKit - ChatKit is a sales bot for Facebook Messenger.

After you integrate a messaging service with Ping, you can view and respond to messages from the service in Ping.

Viewing and responding to messages in Shopify Ping

You can view your messages from Kit and messages from customers from the Home screen in Shopify Ping. This is your inbox, where you can see and respond to any messages from the services that you enable.

When you respond to messages in Ping, the responses are sent through the original messaging service, so that your customers receive replies to their original message.

You can mark messages as read or unread from the Home screen.

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