Customer conversations

When you respond to messages in Shopify Inbox, the responses send through the original messaging service, so that your customers receive replies to their original message.

If a customer adds or removes a product from their cart, then the event is shown to you, the merchant, in the conversation. If the product name is fewer than 41 characters long, then the name of the product is included in the event description. You're also shown the customer's cart subtotal, and the quantities of the products in the cart, at a per-item level.

Responding to a message from a customer

Assign a conversation to staff

You can assign a chat conversation to a staff member with online store chat permissions.


You can share products that are available in your online store in Shopify Inbox. Learn more about sales channel availability for products.


Send a discount code in a conversation

You can share discount codes in Shopify Inbox. When a customer clicks the discount code, the discount code is automatically applied to their cart. You need to create discount codes before you can share them.


Send an image in a conversation

You can send images to customers in Shopify Inbox. Customers can't send images to you.


Conversation details

You can view conversation details in the Shopify Inbox mobile app. From the conversation details screen, you can set a topic, manage the status of the conversation, or assign the conversation to a staff member.

Access conversation details

  1. In the Shopify Inbox mobile app, tap the Customers tab.
  2. Tap a conversation to open it.
  3. On the conversation screen, tap the icon.
  4. Optional: set a topic for the conversation so you can easily find it again in your conversation list. Tap the Topic field and give the conversation a name or brief message. The topic is only ever visible to staff members with the appropriate messaging permissions.

Manage conversation status

Conversations can't be deleted, but they can be archived. You can archive messages using the Shopify Inbox iOS or Android app. Archiving conversations is not yet available on

You can change the status of a conversation from Inactive to Active, or from Active to Inactive.


  1. In the Shopify Inbox iOS or Android app, tap the Customers tab.
  2. Swipe right on a conversation, and then tap Active or Inactive to set a new status.

Assign a conversation to a staff member

  1. In the Shopify Inbox iOS or Android app, tap the Customers tab.
  2. Tap a conversation to open it, and then tap the icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Under Manage, tap the Assignment line.
  4. Use the search field to locate a staff member, or tap the staff member's name to assign or unassign the conversation.

If you don't see the appropriate staff member's name on the Assign Staff screen, then the staff member may not have the required permissions for online store chat. For more details, refer to online store chat permissions.

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