Automatically generating suggested replies in Shopify Inbox

Shopify Magic uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically generate suggested replies during conversations with customers. Suggested replies can help you respond to customer inquiries more quickly.

Automatically generated suggested replies are available only in English.

Manage suggested replies

Suggested replies are activated by default. You can turn automatically generated suggested replies on or off from your Shopify Inbox settings.


  1. In Shopify Inbox, click the settings icon, and then click Message preferences.
  2. In the Automatically generate a reply section, select On or Off.
  3. Click Save.

Generating suggested replies

Shopify Magic generates a suggested reply based on your store information. A suggested reply populates in the composer bar of an Inbox conversation when the conversation meets the following criteria:

  • There's at least one customer message in the conversation.
  • You haven't yet replied to the customer message.
  • Your Shopify store includes enough information to answer the customer's question.

Suggested replies not generating

A suggested reply might not generate during a conversation for any of the following reasons:

  • Your store's information is being processed, and isn't yet available for suggested replies.
  • There isn't enough information on your store about the topic that the customer is asking about.
  • Shopify Magic doesn't have access to the information that the customer is asking about. For example, your terms of service and privacy policy aren't processed for suggested replies.

Learn how to improve the quality of your suggested replies.

Improving your suggested replies

Shopify Magic generates more accurate and frequent suggested replies when it has the necessary information from your store to answer commonly asked questions from your customers. You can improve the quality of your suggested replies by adding accurate content to the following sections of your store:

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