Selling in person with Shopify

The Shopify POS app for iOS and Android is a point of sale system that you can use to sell your products in person.

Shopify POS app on an iPad, iPhone, and Android device

You can use the basic features of Shopify POS to sell almost anywhere, including markets, fairs, and pop-up shops. Use Shopify POS to create a cart for each customer, customize the cart in several ways, and then accept payment with a range of payment methods.

Shopify POS syncs with Shopify to track your orders and inventory across your retail locations, online store, and other active sales channels. You can even view and manage your store's orders from the app.

To create a full retail store experience, you can add the retail package to your Shopify plan to get extra features for Shopify POS. With the retail package, you can add hardware to your retail setup, and manage your store more effectively with features like staff PINs and register shifts.

Shopify POS pricing

You can use Shopify POS's basic features with every Shopify plan at no extra cost. If you want extra retail features, then you need to add the retail package to your Shopify plan. You can find the cost of the retail package on Shopify's pricing page.

Shopify POS basic features by device

Shopify POS has different features on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Use the following device comparison to help decide which device has the features that you need:

Feature iPad iPhone Android
Create a cart
Browse products
See product details
Add shipping address
Can add as an order note and then include later from the Shopify admin

Can add as an order note and then include later from the Shopify admin
Add shipping cost
Can add as a quick sale item

Can add as a quick sale item
Sell gift cards (requires the Shopify plan or higher)
Digital giftcards only
Edit a cart
Add line-item discount
Add cart discount
Add a discount code
Create a new customer before checkout
Add a customer
Toggle taxes
Cart tax rates only
Accept payments
Accept payment
Accept multiple payment methods in one order
Accept partial payment for an order
Accept gift card payments (requires the Shopify plan or higher)
Accept store credit payments
Create custom payment methods
Complete payment for a partially paid order
Card swiper
EMV capability
Mark orders as fulfilled
Refund orders
Use embedded apps
Device fits in your pocket


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