Migrating and integrating QuickBooks Desktop POS with Shopify POS

Intuit QuickBooks POS 19.0, including payments and connected services, was discontinued on October 3, 2023. Intuit has partnered with Shopify to migrate your QuickBooks Desktop POS data to Shopify and provide a POS option that integrates with QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. QuickBooks Desktop accounting software continues to operate as usual and isn't affected by the discontinuation.

When you migrate from QuickBooks Desktop POS to Shopify POS, you receive multiple exclusive offers for Shopify software and hardware. For more information, refer to Overview of QuickBooks POS migration.

You can migrate your QuickBooks Desktop POS data, such as customers, vendors, inventory items, and locations, to the Shopify POS. If you're using QuickBooks Desktop accounting software, then you can also integrate your QuickBooks account and sync all your business and accounting data, such as sales and purchases, with your Shopify POS.

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