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iPad stands for Shopify POS

Shopify supports a range of dedicated iPad stands to enable easier viewing and interaction, whether you're standing at a counter or walking around your store.

When you buy a retail-custom-kit from Shopify, you can specify the type of stand you need when you place your order.

Shopify Retail Stand for 9.7 inch iPads

The Shopify Retail Stand is available only for merchants in the United States.

Shopify Retail Stand

The Shopify Retail Stand is designed for countertop checkouts.

The stand has two parts: a case for the iPad and a base.

To assemble the stand, you insert the iPad into the case and then attach the case to the base. If you want to permanently bolt the stand to a countertop, use the mounting kit which you can buy from the Shopify Hardware Store in the United States. The mounting kit is automatically included when you buy the Shopify Retail Custom Kit.

The iPad charges when it is on the base. You can also charge other devices, such as the dock for the Tap & Chip card reader, by using the USB-A ports on the base. The ports are best for charging devices with smaller batteries, such as card readers and phones.

When a customer is paying, you can tilt the iPad towards them so that they can verify the transaction or enter their email address.

The Shopify Retail Stand is compatible with the following 9.7 inch iPads:

  • iPad (5th and 6th generation)

  • iPad Pro (9.7 inch)

  • iPad Air

  • iPad Air 2

Set up the Shopify Retail Stand

  1. Remove the end cap from the case.

  2. Insert the iPad into the case.

  3. Replace the end cap.

  4. Optional: Mount the stand to a countertop by using two M5 bolts. You need to drill holes in the countertop and insert the bolts from below into the stand.

  5. Plug in the power adapter.

  6. To attach the case, place it above the charging connectors on the base. Line up the magnets on the case and the base until they connect.

  7. On the back of the base, move the slider button to the lock position to prevent the case from being removed from the base.

Tilting the iPad towards the customer

If you want to show a customer the iPad screen, then tilt the iPad towards them.

@Rest iPad stand by Heckler Design

Model number: HDAR118 or H234 - available only in Canada.

The @Rest stand fits any iPad and enables you to use a viewing angle of 30 or 60 degrees. It's made of heavy steel and is designed to stay put wherever you use it most.

Set up the @Rest iPad stand

Follow these steps to set up the Rest iPad stand.


  1. Fix the four adhesive feet to the base of the stand, to protect your counter top.

  2. Turn the stand right-way up and decide which side you're going to rest your iPad on. One gives you a viewing angle of 30 degrees, and the other 60 degrees.

  3. Insert the two resting pegs in the holes on the side you've chosen.

You can stick the large adhesive pad to the stand before putting the iPad in place, but this isn't essential.

There's a great setup video on the manufacturer's website.

WindFall stands for iPad Air and iPad mini

Model number (iPad 9.7"): H458 - available on all Shopify hardware stores.
Model number (iPad Mini): H434 - available on all Shopify hardware stores.
Model number (iPad 10.5"): H498 - available on all Shopify hardware stores.
Model number (iPad 12.9"): H384 - available on all Shopify hardware stores.
Model number (iPad 12.9" 3rd Gen): H549 - available only in Canada and the United States.

Shopify supports the listed WindFall iPad Air stands and WindFall iPad mini stand by Heckler Design. The stands incorporate a concealed cable routing so that you can keep your iPad powered-up all day.

Set up the WindFall stand

The WindFall stand comes with different accessories so that you can choose how to set up your POS system. If your stand comes with a PivotTable, then we recommend that you install it rather than attaching the rubber feet. The PivotTable swivels your Shopify POS screen through 360 degrees, making it easier to rotate your iPad towards a customer during the checkout process.

There's a great installation video for Windfall iPad Air stand and WindFall iPad mini stand on the manufacturer's website.

If the PivotTable doesn't rotate

You might have the plastic feet and the PivotTable installed at the same time. Remove the feet, because they prevent the PivotTable from rotating.

Locking your Windfall iPad stand to a surface to prevent theft

The Windfall iPad stand supports the Kensington ClickSafe cable lock, which is available through Kensington or Heckler Design. The cable lock is not available through any Shopify hardware store.

The lock attaches to the Windfall iPad stand and the cable wraps around a physical surface (for example, a table leg). Each lock is individually keyed for maximum protection.

Sticking your Windfall iPad stand to a flat surface

For long-term placement, use the double-sided, peel-and-stick disc that comes with the stand.

For a non-permanent solution, the PivotTable itself uses suction to adhere to a surface. By gently pressing down on the PivotTable, you can create enough suction to stick the Windfall iPad stand to a flat surface.

More accessories for the iPad stand

Shopify doesn't sell accessories for the stands, but you can buy them from Heckler Design or from a general hardware store.

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