Searching for products

The Products screen allows you to view your products. You can search for a product, view a product's details, and add a product to the cart.

Browse the Products screen

On the Shopify POS Products screen, you can browse through your products.

If a product has variants, the total number of variants will be listed under the product name.

To see a product's details, tap the arrow next to the product's price.

Search for a product

You can use the search bar to enter a product's name and find it quickly. When you first start using the Shopify POS app, or when you change your store location, you will need to import your products to search. Products can still be searched or scanned during the import, but you could experience some network lag. Importing products usually takes a few minutes.

You can search your products by the following attributes:

  • Barcode
  • Variant name
  • Product title
  • SKU
  • Tags
  • Vendor
  • Description


  1. On the Shopify POS products screen, type the product name or SKU into the search bar to find the product that you're looking for.

  2. Search results will list each product variant as a separate line item. If the product that you're looking for appears, then tap it to add it to the cart. Otherwise, try a new search, or tap X.

Sort products

You can sort the Products screen by date or alphabetically. On the Products screen under Sort by, select Recently added, Product title (A to Z), or Product title (Z to A). The list of products will update.

See a product's details

To view a product's details, tap the information icon.

The product details include the following information:

  • product image
  • compare-at price, if applicable
  • current location's inventory levels
  • inventory levels at your other locations, if applicable
  • inventory levels at your custom fulfillment service or third-party shipping service, if applicable
  • description
  • product SKU
  • product vendor
  • product type

To see all of the product details, you might need to scroll down.

To see a larger view of the product image, you can tap on the image.

When the image is expanded, you can swipe to see all variants of the product.

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