Making a refund to a gift card on Shopify POS

If a customer used a gift card to make a purchase and then wants to return the item for a refund, then you can make the refund to the same gift card and its balance is updated automatically.

Refund an order to a gift card with Shopify POS

To refund an order that was paid by gift card:

  1. From the Shopify POS Orders screen, tap the order that was paid for with a gift card.

  2. Tap Return.

  3. Use the + and - beside each product to enter the quantity that you're refunding.

  4. If the order shows that the customer paid for shipping, then tap Add to include the shipping cost in the refund.

  5. Confirm that the customer information is correct. You can send a refund gift card by email to either the original customer, or to a different customer. You can also remove the customer from the order and refund to a physical card. Tap Edit to make changes.

  1. Optional: Enter a reason for the refund.

  2. Tap Refund.

  3. When the refund is successful, tap Done to return to the order details screen.

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