Activating calculated shipping with FedEx

You can display shipping rates in your checkout that are calculated by FedEx. You need to set up your FedEx account, and then connect it to your Shopify admin.

Requirements for activating calculated shipping with FedEx

To activate calculated shipping with FedEx, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You need to have your own FedEx account.
  • Your store needs to be on the Advanced Shopify or Plus plan. If you're on the Shopify plan, then you can add this feature for a monthly fee or switch from monthly to yearly billing. For more information, contact Shopify Support.

Step 1: Create your FedEx account

  1. Visit the FedEx website and create a FedEx account. Make note of the account number that you are assigned and make sure your billing address is correct.
  2. Log in to your FedEx account and follow the FedEx Web Services guide to get your production keys.
  3. Record the following information at the end of your registration process, because you will need this information to activate FedEx in the Shopify admin:
    • Authentication Key
    • Account Number
    • Production Meter Number

Step 2: Connect your FedEx account

To activate calculated shipping with FedEx, you need to connect your FedEx account to your Shopify admin.

  1. Add FedEx as a shipping carrier:
    • If you don't have any shipping carrier accounts added, then click Connect carrier account, and then click Connect account next to FedEx.
    • If you already have a shipping carrier account added, then click Manage carriers, and then click Connect account next to FedEx.
  2. In the Connect FedEx dialog, enter your FedEx credentials.
  3. Optional: If you've enabled FedEx SmartPost rates with FedEx, then enter your SmartPost Hub ID to show your negotiated rates at checkout.
  4. Click Save.

Step 3: Test your carrier-calculated shipping rates

After you connect your third-party shipping carrier to your Shopify admin, you can test your account integration and preview calculated shipping rates for specific package types, sizes, and destinations within the Shopify admin.

The shipping rates that are displayed during testing are sample rates and might be different from the shipping rates displayed to your customers at checkout.

Step 4: Set up carrier-calculated shipping rates

Set up your shipping rates calculated by FedEx to display them to your customers at checkout.

Deactivate FedEx calculated shipping

If you no longer want to use calculated shipping by FedEx, then you can disconnect your carrier account from your Shopify admin.

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