Shop Promise analytics

If you've applied for and activated Shop Promise, then you can review your store's delivery standards, as well as additional information on orders that were made with Shop Promise.

Delivery standards

To offer Shop Promise in your store, you must maintain the required delivery standards for orders shipped within the United States. Refer to the following standards to learn more about them, or for assistance in meeting them:

If your store doesn't meet these standards, then Shop Promise is paused in your store. The Shop Promise badge is not displayed on your product pages or in the checkout until your store meets these standards.


In addition to monitoring your delivery standards, the Shop Promise page displays analytics information on orders that were made with Shop Promise in the United States.

Orders with Shop Promise

The Orders with Shop Promise section displays the number of orders in the United States where a customer selected a delivery option with Shop Promise at checkout, and indicates the delivery promise made to the customer.

Product page conversion

The Product page conversion section displays the percentage of unique sessions on product description pages that resulted in a purchase. The Shop Promise page provides the percentage of sessions in the United States which displayed Shop Promise compared to sessions that didn't display Shop Promise.

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