Eligibility for Shop Promise

To display Shop Promise on your store, your store must adhere to the following requirements. In some cases, the Shop Promise badge is removed from an order because not all items in your customer's cart are eligible for Shop Promise.

Shop Promise isn't currently supported on storefronts that use Hydrogen.

Requirements for using Shop Promise

To apply for Shop Promise, your store must first meet all requirements, including delivery standards:

If you can't apply after meeting all of the following requirements and you don't know why your store isn't eligible for Shop Promise, then contact Shopify Support.

Delivery standards for using Shop Promise

In addition to the store requirements, there's a set of delivery standards that your store must meet before you can apply for Shop Promise. All the following standards must be met for a period of seven days for orders in the United States before you can apply for Shop Promise, and must be maintained in order to keep Shop Promise active in your store:

On-time fulfillment

You must mark 90% of orders in the United States as fulfilled within 12 business hours. Business hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm in your fulfillment location's time zone, from Monday to Saturday.

To decrease your fulfillment times, increase your capacity during busy periods and ensure that you fulfill orders daily. Learn more about how you can improve your processing times.

Delivery within 5 days

You must deliver 10% of your orders in the US within five days.

You can do any of the following to improve your delivery speeds:

  • Fulfill orders within 12 business hours of receiving them.
  • Use a faster delivery service for your shipments.
  • Establish new fulfillment locations closer to your customer base, either through self-management or with a third-party logistics provider.
  • Use order routing logic to ensure that orders are fulfilled from the nearest location to your customer.

Tracking included

You must add tracking numbers for 95% of orders in the United States that use Shopify Shipping supported carriers. Shopify Shipping supported carriers are USPS, UPS, DHL, and Fedex. Other carriers not supported by Shopify Shipping are not counted toward this requirement.

Make sure that all of your orders using supported carriers have delivery tracking numbers. When you add a tracking number to an order, the customer's order status page displays real-time shipping updates from the carrier. You can add order tracking numbers before or after fulfilling an order. Learn more about adding tracking numbers to orders.

Affordable shipping

You must charge a shipping cost of less than 15% of your average order value on 90% of your orders.

For example, if the average order placed in your store is 200 USD, then 90% of your orders should have a shipping cost of 30 USD or less. If you need to offset shipping costs, then consider slightly raising the price of your products.

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