Packing and labeling products to send to Shopify Fulfillment Network

Packing and labeling your products according to Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) requirements helps the fulfillment center to receive your shipments quickly and accurately. Products that aren’t packed and labeled as expected can cause delays, receiving errors, or additional charges on your bill.

When an inbound is sent into SFN, the inbound is forwarded from one receiving facility to other fulfillment centers in the network so that your products are fulfilled closer to your customers. Forwarding products helps improve your fulfillment and delivery speeds. To help maximize the coverage of your product across the network, it's recommended that that the size of the inbound you send is at least four boxes.

The following is the general process that you follow to package and label your products before you send them to SFN:

  1. Choose how you're going to pack your boxes.
  2. Pack products into boxes based on the boxing method you chose.
  3. Use padding materials to protect products from damage during shipping.
  4. Download and print your box content labels.
  5. Attach box content labels to each corresponding box.
  6. Choose a shipping method.
  7. If selecting Shopify's freight services, download and attach a pallet label to each pallet. A pallet label will be available for download on the transfer's details page after completion.

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