Adding barcodes to your products for Shopify Fulfillment Network

A barcode is a machine-readable pattern that's used internationally to store and locate product information. Barcodes contain a series of numbers that can vary in length depending on the type of product. For Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) to fulfill your orders, the barcodes on your products must be 8 to 24 digits long.

Although SKUs and barcodes might seem identical, they have different functions. SKUs are used by retailers to identify and track inventory or stock. Barcodes are used to generate scannable patterns to facilitate fulfillment. Preparing both SKUs and barcodes for your products enables SFN fulfillment centers to quickly fulfill your orders by automating the picking, packing, and shipping of your orders as soon as they are received.

Verify that each product variant has a unique barcode. You can’t use the same barcode for different variants.

If your products don’t have barcodes, then you can get a barcode through one of the following options:

Unless you ship and fulfill with retail establishments that require a GTIN, such as a UPC, EAN, or ISBN, your product barcodes for Shopify Fulfillment Network don't need to be a GTIN. If you need to obtain a GTIN, then you can use one of the following options:

  • Request the GTIN from your manufacturer.
  • Buy the GTIN with GS1 standards.

You need to enter each product's barcode in your Shopify admin. Add a barcode to a product using one of the following methods:

Having correct barcodes is important when you ship your products to SFN. Make sure that the barcode in your Shopify admin matches the physical barcode that's attached to the product.

Don't change a product's barcode after you ship inventory to SFN. If you need to change a product's barcode, then you must notify SFN before you update the barcode in your Shopify admin.

Learn more about SFN requirements for barcode labels and devices for printing barcode labels.

You can edit barcodes in bulks using a CSV file.

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