Choose a packaging preference for your products

Specifying a packaging preference for your products can help prevent your products from being damaged during shipping, by ensuring that your products are delivered using the correct packaging option. By selecting a packaging preference, you also might be able to save on packaging costs by shipping products in their original packaging.

You can choose one of the following packaging preferences for each product:

  • Standard: This option is best for items that aren't at risk of damage. Products are likely to ship in a polybag or box, depending on the product's size and weight. Standard is the default option and no extra charges apply when using this option.
  • Fragile protection: This option is recommended for fragile items, such as items that can bend or break. Additional charges apply.
  • Original packaging: This option is used when your product is ready to ship in its original packaging, without any additional materials required, such as an overbox. This is often referred to as "Ship in Own Container" or "SIOC". When this option is selected, a discount is applied.

Selecting a packaging preference

You need to select a packaging preference for each product separately.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.
  2. From the Apps and sales channels page, click Shopify Fulfillment Network.
  3. Click Open app.
  4. Click the Inventory tab.
  5. Pack the products that you want to fulfill with SFN.
  6. In the Packaging preferences section, choose the packaging you want the item to be shipped in.
  7. Click Save.
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