Inventory syncing for Shopify Fulfillment Network

Keeping accurate records of the current state of your inventory helps your orders to be fulfilled efficiently and helps you to plan for the inventory that you'll need in the near future.

To ensure that Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) inventory levels match your own inventory levels in your Shopify admin, an automatic inventory sync is performed periodically. This sync is referred to as a delta sync.

Delta sync

When a new SKU is sent to SFN in an inbound transfer, the fulfillment center approves and verifies it for fulfillment. Learn more about finding the available inventory amounts in your Shopify admin.

Using the delta sync method, the Available quantity at the Shopify Fulfillment Network location in your Shopify admin is updated each time an order is placed. If there are adjustments at the fulfillment center, such as for miscounts, damaged products, or special projects, then the adjustment is applied to your Available inventory that evening.

SFN never automatically overrides the Available quantity. If you make manual changes to it, then your new inventory levels will probably be incorrect.

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